ugc: the center is ready to authorize the status of “diploma” for modern courses, taking into account global standards

India’s higher education regulator, the University Grants Commission (UGC), is finally set to release the nomenclature and status of its degree programs, from purely conventional courses to those of the new era and modern, in tune with global standards.

UGC will soon set up a committee that will evaluate and approve new academic programs for possible “graduate” course status (Bachelor’s/Master’s/PhD) after completion.

Thus, apart from classical bachelor’s degrees in history or English/Hindi literature, a “diploma” level course in public policy, welfare, even traditional Indian knowledge systems, among others, can be allowed in institutions of Indian higher education.

It will also pave the way for foreign universities, which are setting up campuses in India under the proposed new regulations, to offer courses with the same degree nomenclature that they can pursue at their home campuses. For example, several American universities offer a BA in engineering disciplines, which is unparalleled in India.

Currently, degree nomenclature and authorized study programs are notified by the UGC under its powers under section 22 of the UGC Act 1956.

There are currently more than 130 degree courses notified by UGC from conventional bachelor’s/master’s/doctoral degrees in humanities, sciences, medicine, engineering and technology, law in addition to Sanskrit and Urdu/Arabic/Persian nomenclature. This “degree specification” must be adhered to by all tertiary institutions in India.

Integrated four-year programs offered by prominent private universities alongside a one-year master’s degree offered even by major IIMs have encountered problems with UGC degree specifications in the past.

“UGC has a certain nomenclature of degrees. However, the time has come for us to be more flexible. We need diversity in our programs. Today, let’s say that if a university wants to offer a master’s degree in public policy , it is not able to under current arrangements.Our main idea is that we at UGC should be able to allow this to happen.There are also many internationally recognized degrees and this It makes no sense not to recognize them in India. There needs to be some mechanism for doing that,” UGC President Jagadesh Kumar said in response to ET’s questions.

“We will set up a committee that will review both our existing nomenclature and global nomenclatures and introduce some flexibility. While the existing nomenclature is likely to remain, we can refine it and put in place a system to assess new curriculum proposals,” he said. added.

This will be an ongoing panel that will conduct timely reviews of degree nomenclature and degree status proposals for new courses.

There are also several Indian courses ranging from wellness to traditional knowledge systems and mental health that have applied for ‘degree’ status and these can also be considered.