Students in this village of Mizoram find it difficult to take online classes due to lack of internet connectivity

Lack of internet connectivity for students in Mizoram village

The exam hall was built by the Mawhrei village branch of the Mara students’ organization on May 31, where mobile network signals are available and somehow suitable for online courses and exams for students. .

The temporary examination room located at ‘Mt. Tlaotlah ‘is just 10 km from the Indo-Myanmare border and can only be accessed by a 3-4 km hike uphill through a forest.

This particular location is the only area in Mawhrei village where mobile network connectivity is available.

Students struggle to take online courses

C Beithakhu, another undergraduate student of the 3rd semester at Mizoram University, said they had to walk for an hour through a forest area to reach the top of the hill and attend their classes online.

“We are asking the government to make arrangements for us that will help us with our studies,” Beithakhu said.

Out of 30 students, 15 undergraduates took their exam online from the temporary exam room.

On the other hand, to take stock of the situation, Tipa Sub Divisional Officer (Civil) Lalhmingliana and J. Vanlalramengzauva, APO RD department, visited an online class on Monday that was taking place under the makeshift thatched hut.

Students from Chapi Village, which is also near Mawhrei Village, also joined students from Mawhrei Village in their makeshift huts to continue their online course as Myanmar Networks Teflon, which they used to access earlier from their village, has recently disappeared.

Mara Student Organization (MSO) leader Vabeihruasa told Aajtak / India Today TV by phone that although there is a mobile phone tower in the area, the internet signal is very weak and inadequate for class online, and requires students to climb. about 3 km to access better signal from the viewpoint at the top of the mountain every day.

Leaders of the Mara Student Organization and elders from Mawhrei Village welcomed the visiting officials and accompanied them to the top of the mountain where the online course was being held.

The students informed them of various hardships they had endured due to poor internet connection with visiting officials. They also asked to provide them with IG corrugated iron to cover their 4 huts.

Lalhmingliana assured them of his greatest help to improve their suffering and gave them Silpaulins for their 4 makeshift huts and Rs 2000.

KL Paul Vanropuia, chairman of the Mawhrei village unit of Mara students, said the makeshift hut was built by the leaders of the Mara student organization at the exact location where the internet signal is available.

“We built the hut to hide and protect the students and ourselves from bad weather and rain,” said KL Paul Vanropuia.

MSO leaders also said that not only Mawhrei village, but many other students from different villages in Siaha district are facing similar problems.

Covid-19 cases have declined

While the detection of positive Covid-19 cases has declined in most states across the country, Mizoram has seen an upward trend in Covid-19 cases and the state reported 1,846 new Covid-19 cases on Monday. .

The state now has 15,843 active cases.

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