‘Practice teachers’ to develop, design courses and programs, UGC publishes guidelines

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has urged universities and colleges to hire practice faculty in accordance with the requirements and guidelines given by the UGC. UGC’s objective behind the recruitment of “practical faculty” is “to develop courses and programs to meet the needs of industry and society and enable HEIs to work with industry experts on joint research projects.

The duties and responsibilities of these experts would be to develop and design courses and curricula. They will be expected to introduce new courses and deliver lectures in accordance with institutional policies. In addition, experts must encourage students in innovation and entrepreneurship projects and also provide the necessary mentorship for these activities.

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The mandate, in accordance with the guidelines, of the experts engaged may initially be for a maximum of one year. However, the maximum duration of service should not exceed three years. These experts can come from any field like engineering, science, entrepreneurship, social science, management, technology, chartered accountancy (CA), business, and literature, among others.

According to the eligibility criteria, individuals must have outstanding contributions in their professions such as engineering, science, technology, entrepreneurship, and public administration, among others. They must also have proven expertise in their specific profession or role. At least 15 years of service/experience, preferably at a senior level, will qualify a person for the position of Professor of Practice.

In a statement, the UGC said, “University Vice-Chancellors and College Principals are requested to take the necessary steps to engage the ‘Practice Professor’ as required and following the guidelines.”

Earlier this year, in August, the UGC drafted guidelines for hiring industry professionals and other professionals at academic institutions under a new category – “Professor of Practice”. The initiative was taken in line with the National Education Policy 2020 objective to transform higher education by focusing on skills-based education to meet the needs of industry as well as the economy. .

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