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Inevitable tragedy!

Since the onset of the coronavirus, online education has become the norm. Many educational institutions around the world are said to have already adopted online education. It was therefore not necessary for them to integrate it into their study program during the pandemic. However, due to a lack of resources and the lack of training and expertise, Indian universities and schools had not been able to embrace online education until it became imperative. Last year. especially newcomers should have a physical learning environment where students can interact with teachers and with each other in person. Online education has created a sense of alienation among students, especially newcomers, as they don’t even know their peers. Instead of just undertaking physical exams, universities and schools should consider setting up a hybrid system, where students have certain physical classes. In addition, many students do not have access to laptops or smartphones and WIFI services to attend online classes, which puts them even more strain. Restaurants, shopping malls, hotels and other public places remained open in accordance with rules and regulations. Universities and educational institutions must also comply with these restrictions and resume classes. Last but not least, if all other public places are functioning normally, universities and schools must also function. Protecting the health of students should not come at the expense of their education. .Hope our UT government should take my suggestion into consideration and the normal routine class work in schools should be started for the students. Student testing for Covid-19 is mandatory even if vaccines are not available to them given that the majority of 12th grade students are under the age of 18.
Yours etc.
Mool Raj
R / O Bhagota
Distt. & Teh Doda

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