Online courses cannot replace in-person courses: Directors | Latest Delhi News

Schools in Delhi have welcomed the Delhi government’s decision to restart primary classes from Wednesday, following improved air quality leading to the lifting of Phase IV restrictions under the Graduated Response Action Plan (Grap) Monday.

On Friday, the Delhi government’s Directorate of Education (DoE) had ordered primary classes to remain closed until Tuesday due to ‘severe’ AQI levels.

Most schools said that while closing classes annually due to pollution levels is not a feasible solution, they are better placed this year due to an existing framework that allows them to quickly transition to online classes. . However, they said while online classes provide continuity of learning, they do not replace in-class learning, and even after offline classes resumed earlier this year, many schools continue to hold online remedial courses.

Sudha Acharya, President of the National Progressive School Conference (NPSC) and Principal of ITL School, Dwarka, said her institute was conducting online classes for children in primary grades on Monday.

She said that even if parents are not in favor of online lessons, they are an available recourse for schools in circumstances where the fate of schools is decided on the basis of AQI levels. She added that her institute would continue to hold online classes if the restrictions were reimposed.

Tania Joshi, principal of the Indian school, said parents want offline lessons to resume as children often struggle with online lessons.

“Parents don’t like online classes, but we have to follow the government directive. The pollution will continue to rage for a few more months. If shutdown orders are imposed again, we will move to online classes. A little learning is better than no learning,” she said.

While most private schools moved to online classes on Monday and plan to follow the same path for subsequent closures, if any, public schools could face challenges related to the digital divide and accessibility.

Awadhesh Kumar Jha, Manager of Sarvodaya Co-ed Vidyalaya, Rohini, Sector 8, said, “If the pollution situation deteriorates, we have no choice but to restrict outdoor activities and resume activities. online course.