Online Application Process, Necessary Documents, Fees

The identity card issued by the Election Commission of Bangladesh (EC) to citizens is called National Identity Card (NID) or Voter Identity Card. Since October 2016, all adult Bangladeshi citizens have been issued a Smart NID card by the government. This smart plastic card includes an integrated integrated circuit, where all the data is stored. The Government of Bangladesh has digitized the NID smart card application system. This article will provide a step by step guide on how to apply for Smart NID online in Bangladesh.

Document you need to get smart NID card in Bangladesh

A new candidate must submit several documents to become a new voter. Documents must be submitted in support of all information entered in the online registration form. Below is detailed information on what it takes to get a smart NID card.

– Printed copy of the completed online form

– SSC Certificate

– Birth registration certificate

– Passport / Driving license / NIF

– Copy of utility bill / rent receipt / withholding tax receipt – (any proof of usual residence in the area)

– Certificate of citizenship (if applicable)

– Copy of the NID card of the father, mother, spouse (if applicable).

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Providing all these documents is not mandatory. It is best to provide as many documents as possible. These documents will guarantee your age and place of residence.

Don’t forget that if you turn 18 on or before January 1 of the current year, you will be registered on the electoral list.

How to Get a Smart NID Card in Bangladesh Online?

To apply for a new voter ID card online, first visit from your mobile or computer. The Apply button for a new registration must be clicked. In this form, the name of the applicant must first be written in English. Then enter the applicant’s date of birth. Then enter the captcha in the text box. The captcha must be entered exactly as it appears. Then click on the continue button.

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On the next page, the applicant should enter the correct mobile number and click on the send message button. Then a 6-digit code will be received on the mobile. Next, enter the 6-digit verification code received on the mobile and click on the continue button. Then the page will load and take you to the option to set your username and password. The username and password must be saved as they will be needed to log in to the account later. Then click on the continue button.

For the new voter application, click on the profile option. From there, you will be asked to provide three types of information: personal information, other information, and address. Click the Edit button to update personal information, other information, and address. Complete the entire form as required.

Once the personal data has been filled in, other details need to be filled in. Other information includes degree, occupation, disability, identification mark, TIN number, driver’s license number, passport number, religion, telephone number and cell phone number. The applicant will fill out the form based on their information.

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The address must be filled in once the other information has been filled in. First, you need to select the name of the country you are staying in. Next, select a current address and a permanent address. If the current address and the permanent address of the applicant are different, they must be selected separately. Then select the electoral zone. The electoral zone is the area/village/mohalla whose name is to be included in the electoral list.

Once the address field is filled in, click on the next button at the top right. After clicking on the next button, the option to upload documents will appear. But he says there is no need for documents here. This does not mean that new voter registration does not require paperwork. Of course, the necessary documents will be required. But you must come to their office in person. From there, click on the next button.

Submit the form after seeing the confirmation option. Clicking on the submit button will load the page and take you to the profile option, and the upload button will appear. Click the download button to download Voter Registration Form #2 and print it.

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To apply for a hassle-free NID card, the applicant’s signature must be on the other page of the form. Write the PID number and signature of an elector in the appropriate box who knows the applicant.

Also add the name, PID number and signature of one of the zone representatives, such as the president/municipal mayor of the ward member/ward councilor/female member, etc. and must use a seal under their signature (mandatory).

Then you need to pin the mentioned documents with the new Voter Registration Form 2 and submit them to the relevant Upazila Electoral Office. Also, documents can be submitted as advised by the relevant registrar.

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After taking a photo, signature, fingerprint, and biometrics at the office, you will be cut off from the bottom of the New Voter Registration Form 2. A 10-digit Smart NID number will be sent to your phone number cell phone by SMS within a very short time. NID cards can be downloaded online after obtaining the NID number. After downloading the NID card, you can print and laminate it and do all the work.

How to download the NID card online?

To download the NID card online, you need to visit and register to buy by clicking the claim account on the left. An NID account must be created for NID verification or download. Follow the steps to complete registration.

Now, to take the next step, you need to install an app called NID Wallet on your mobile. Using the app, scan the QR code you received during registration. Then check your face using the phone camera. As soon as the face is verified, the browser will refresh, load with your photo, and walk you through setting up a password. You can now download your national identity card with just one click and print it.

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Is there a fee to get a NID in Bangladesh?

You do not have to pay any fees if you are requesting the NID for the first time. This will be valid for 15 years and you have to pay 100-150 BDT for renewal after 15 years. Also, you must be 18 years old to apply for the NID.

Last words

The NID smart card is a very important document for every citizen of Bangladesh. It is necessary to avail of all civil rights and benefits such as driver’s license, motor vehicle registration, passport, purchase of land, sale, opening of bank account, bank loan , adolescent certificate, mobile SIM card, government grants and allowances. Therefore, every Bangladeshi should get their NID card. So far we have discussed the treat and necessary documents at to apply for a Online NID card in Bangladesh. Hope this helps!