Non-tertiary schools allowed to resume online classes from next week


The Office of Education and Youth Development (DSEDJ) announced today (Thursday) that from next week, non-tertiary education institutions will be able to gradually resume online courses.

“Schools should follow their guidelines for suspending school operations, depending on their situation and gradually start home learning programs,” DSEDJ director of non-tertiary education Wong Ka Ki said during the meeting. today’s pandemic press conference.

However, the representative of the DSEDJ underlined that pupils of kindergarten to the third year of primary and pupils of special education should not see their normal school curriculum completely adapted to online courses, schools being invited to provide appropriate methods that can maintain the progress of student learning. .

Non-tertiary classes were initially scheduled to resume face-to-face classes on October 4, however, the discovery of new confirmed cases of Covid-19 resulted in the restart being suspended.

The sudden cancellation of the planned easing of entry restrictions for people entering Zhuhai via Macau has also led more than 1,000 cross-border students and some parents to be stranded in Macau and unable to return without having to complete a quarantine. 14 days.

Currently, more than 500 students and tutors, who do not need help finding temporary accommodation, are accommodated in youth hostels and dormitories of educational institutions, receiving daily items as well as meals. they need.


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