Leech Lake Tribal College switches to fully online courses through October 8

CASS LAKE – Starting Monday, September 27, all classes at Leech Lake Tribal College will be held online until Friday, October 8.

LLTC announced via Facebook that the courses will resume their original delivery methods on Monday, October 11. The Integrated Home Construction courses are the only courses that will continue in person throughout the online period.

In response to the increase in COVID-19 cases in the surrounding area, LLTC has defined several measures that they implement during the online period and after students return to classes in person.

According to a Facebook post from Thursday, September 23, students must submit full proof of COVID-19 vaccination to Student Services by Friday, October 1 in order to return to campus when face-to-face teaching resumes.

LLTC requires students who have not been fully immunized by October 11 to continue taking online classes until they are fully immunized.

During the online phase, fully vaccinated students are allowed to use the library, learning center, bookstore, and in-person student services, while those who are not vaccinated must do business by email. or by phone.

Students participating in activities outside of college, including field trips or site visits, must present a vaccination card prior to the event. Unvaccinated students must take a COVID test and test negative before participating.

LLTC continues to demand masks and social distancing on its campus.

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