GTU will offer 4 engg courses in Gujarati language

Gujarat University of Technology (GTU) on Tuesday announced to offer four undergraduate engineering programs in Gujarati starting this academic session.
The constituent college Gujarat Power Engineering and Research Institute (GPERI) in Mehsana will offer 30 places each in civil, mechanical, electronic and computer engineering in Gujarati starting from the 2022-23 academic session.

The institute in operation since 2011 offered these four undergraduate programs in English.

“The decision was made in line with the National Education Policy 2020 reforms suggested to offer technical courses in the mother tongue. Last year, 19 institutes in 10 states launched engineering programs in six regional languages. We also tried to do this but for some reason we couldn’t, but this year we are launching this initiative from Mehsana,” said GTU Vice Chancellor, Professor Navin Sheth.

The decision was made after a series of meetings and consultations with industry experts from each sector and which are still ongoing, Professor Sheth added.

“For example, civil engineering experts such as builders were met and discussions took place. A similar meeting was also held for mechanical engineering.

All said they did not object to a candidate being hired by them with an engineering degree in Gujarati. Rather, it will help applicants as they are required to communicate with workers in their native language,” he added.

GTU claimed that this will provide higher education opportunities for rural and tribal students and will also increase the gross enrollment rate in higher education in the state. “Countries like Japan, China, Germany and Poland offer programs only in their mother tongue and students study them. But due to 200 years of British rule, we are obsessed with English. That should change,” GTU Registrar KN Kher said.

The GTU will also offer degree programs in the Gujarati language. The language of instruction in polytechnics is English, but students are also allowed to write their answers in Gujarati. The work of translating the textbooks and study materials for the first year has been completed.

“A total of 20 textbooks — nine for the diploma and 11 for the diploma — have been translated, three of which are also in print. The translation work of almost 90 books for the second year is underway,” said Professor Sarika Srivastava, Textbook Translation Coordinator at GTU.

Meanwhile, Gujarat University of Technology, for the first time in collaboration with Ahmedabad Chamber of Commerce Welfare Foundation (ACCWF), the apex body of agricultural agencies, has announced the organization of an exhibition of startup projects on July 21 and 22 at the GTU campus.