Four courses to start at NFSU

Four courses start at Bhopal National Forensic Science University (NFSU) from this session. After the construction of the NFSU building, all courses related to forensics will begin. Currently, students admitted for the 2022-23 session will study at the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) building, Barkheda Bondar.

The first session will include MSc Forensic Science courses, a PG degree in Forensic Document Examination, a PG degree in Fingerprint Science and a PG degree in DNA Forensics course. The admission process for the 2022-23 session is over.

Announcements of admission to the various courses are published in April of each year. Admission forms can be completed online only through the website ( The period for filling out the form is from April to June. The entrance exam takes place in June. Admission will be on the basis of merit.

During the current academic year, four courses will be launched. There are 30 places in the MSc degree course in Forensic Sciences (2 years). The PG Diploma in Fingerprint Science (1 year) course has 20 places. PG Diploma in Forensic Document Review. (1 year) the course has 25 places. There are also 25 places in the PG degree course in Forensic DNA (1 year).

Semiconductor Engineering and Aviation Safety and Forensics courses can start in Bhopal in the 2023-24 term. These courses can also be started in Bhopal with NFSU Gandhi Nagar. Preparations are underway for this. Fraud has been said to occur on a large scale in the aviation industry. This course will help in his investigation and identification of criminals.

The need for forensic experts is increasing in the country under the Smart Policing Scheme. Forensic science experts prove useful in the investigation of criminal cases. In such a situation, the Union Home Ministry decided to open the institute in Bhopal. After that, the state government donated 15 acres of government land for the university in the village of Barkheda Bondar. Union Home Minister Amit Shah will play Bhumi Pujan on August 22.

Students taking these courses are appointed as forensic experts in government departments such as the Home Office, police, intelligence, and other agencies related to criminal investigations. Apart from this, there are job opportunities for them in departments related to archaeology, astronomy, and geology. Detective agencies, rehabilitation centers and private sector NGOs may also have opportunities for them. Trained professionals can work as crime scene investigators, evidence analysts, pathologists, psychologists, serology experts, etc.