Ensuring student safety during online lessons: panel

“School and police should take steps to prevent cybercriminals from entering classrooms”

Educational institutions should ensure the safety of students while using various platforms for online education, said the Kerala State Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights.

Acting on a complaint from Amal Saji, state ambassador of Rakshak’s national awareness campaign for the protection of children’s rights, the commission, made up of member K. Nazeer, ordered Tuesday the secretary general of the Education and the Director of General Education to instruct institutions not to share the same link multiple times for online courses and instead use new links and passwords to prevent online crime. line.

He called for raising awareness among students and parents of the need to ensure that strangers do not get links for lessons or passwords. Each class must use a specific username and password.

Education Ministry authorities have been urged to take steps to adopt security protocols for online courses in consultation with technical experts and police cyber experts. Students, teachers and parents should also be made aware of online safety measures.

As soon as illegal activity by a foreigner is detected during online lessons, teachers should contact school principals and take action to notify the police. The state police chief should initiate proceedings under the relevant sections in the event of such complaints. Police officers at police stations should be given clear instructions in this regard.

Police authorities should implement awareness raising activities against cybercrime, the commission said.

In his complaint, Mr. Saji said that for some time now, cybercriminals had illegally entered student online class groups and harassed students and used offensive and sexually colored language. Such incidents kept students away from online courses, he said, asking relevant departments to take action to ensure that only students were added to online courses and that those who had hacked course links. online to create problems were identified and reserved. .

Police, in their report, said they always acted when such incidents came to their attention or complaints were received. Before using these online platforms, their terms and conditions should be studied and security ensured. Schools are also expected to deploy an administrator to monitor whether foreigners enter online classes.

The commission said the education ministry and police should ensure the safety of students during online lessons. The use of technology to provide security and awareness were necessary to ensure that class bonds did not end up in the hands of outsiders.

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