Cyclone Shaheen: Colleges Switch to Online Courses | Oman weather

Muscat: A number of colleges and universities in the Sultanate have decided to switch to distance education due to the fact that the Sultanate was hit by Tropical Cyclone Shaheen. Nizwa University and Sohar University have also announced the suspension of campus attendance.

Nizwa University

Nizwa University said in a statement: Based on data received from the National Center for Multi-Hazard Early Warning System on Tropical Cyclone Shaheen.

The University wishes to inform staff, faculty and students of the following:

1- Suspension of campus attendance from Sunday October 3 to October 7, 2021.

2- Beginning of online teaching for all courses and programs in this week’s schedule.

3- Students can return on Friday 8/10/2021.

Sohar University

The University of Sohar said in a statement, “Due to the weather and for your safety, tomorrow’s Sunday study will be remote and all lectures at the campus booth will be canceled.”

Rustaq University of Technology and Applied Sciences

Rustaq, Tire and Muscat University of Technology and Applied Sciences announced its decision to implement distance education from October 3-7.

The College of Technology said in a statement: “Due to the climatic conditions experienced by the Sultanate, it has been decided that distance education will be for all students until further notice; therefore, please follow the e -mail to follow the details of the course participation.

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