Cyclone Shaheen: Al Ain schools switch to online courses

Weather warnings have been issued in the United Arab Emirates following the approach of Cyclone Shaheen towards neighboring Oman. Stock photo of the UAE coastline for illustrative purposes only
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Abu Dhabi: As a precaution against the effects of Tropical Storm Shaheen, all educational institutions in Al Ain will switch to distance education until Tuesday.

Previously, schools, nurseries and universities in Kalba, Khor Fakkan and Deba Al Hisn in Sharjah

regions – as well as public schools in the Hatta region of Dubai – have switched to online classes on Sundays and Mondays as a precaution.

Construction stopped

Authorities also ordered construction sites in Al Ain to close from 4 p.m. Sunday until Tuesday.

“Due to the current weather conditions, all educational institutions in Al Ain will activate distance learning on Monday October 4 and Tuesday October 5. In addition, construction sites in Al Ain will be immediately secured and all construction work will cease from Sunday October 3 at 4 pm until Tuesday October 5, ”the Abu Dhabi media office said.

A similar shutdown of construction activity has been implemented in the capital by the municipality of Abu Dhabi.

“In view of the expected meteorological instabilities, you are advised to immediately stop activity on the construction sites and ensure complete control and security at all times from 4 p.m. on Sunday until Tuesday, October 5”, the municipality said in an alert to construction companies and contractors.

Citing the possibility of strong winds, the municipality has temporarily banned lifting operations, activities at height and demolition activities. He further urged construction companies to secure tower cranes, scaffolding, fences and barriers, removing objects from edges and open areas.

Protect farms, livestock

Meanwhile, the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority has also called on farmers and cattle ranchers to ensure proper drainage on farms and the safety of electrical systems. Cattle should be kept indoors during periods of inclement weather, and provide them with sufficient feed and water. Additionally, equipment should be stored safely indoors, with greenhouse conditions maintained to reduce pressure and dust.

Person to contact in case of emergency

Residents were further advised to exercise caution and contact the Emergency Office on 993 or via WhatsApp on 02 678 8888.

Weather alert

In a weather alert in Al Ain, the Abu Dhabi media office previously warned residents of Al Ain to expect rain clouds, high-speed winds, low visibility, rough seas. and flash floods.

The authority has notified the following:

-Reduce speed when visibility is low.

-Secure loose objects and temporary structures.

– Stay away from valleys and areas of torrential rain

Authorities also urged residents to keep abreast of weather updates and instructions issued during the period.

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