57% of CSN Students Prefer Online Classes – Coyote Student News at College of Southern Nevada

By Aidan Maroon

College of Southern Nevada students love online classes and plan to continue taking them.

According to CSN internal research, as of fall 2022, 57% of the student population was fully online with distance learning. The majority choose Canvas courses instead of presenting on campus. However, 43% still prefer on-campus classes.

Karson Hood, a CSN freshman, took online classes his senior year of high school, so he’s not new to the field. “I like online classes more than in-person classes because they are more organized and you can plan ahead compared to in-person classes (where) you have to wait for the teacher to tell you what’s on the agenda .” He added that online classes help him learn better because he can work at his own pace and doesn’t feel rushed unlike in-person classes.

The Best Colleges 2022 Online Education Trends Report states that 70% of students said online education is better or equal to on-campus education. Additionally, 95% of online program graduates said they would recommend the online education to others.

“I prefer online classes because I feel like there are fewer distractions,” says CSN student Brandon Tyler. Tyler has all classes online and has been in college for over two years.

Kaan Goksu is a 20-year-old sophomore at CSN. This is the first year that he has taken online courses. “I have to say that I enjoy them much more than the in-person classes. The best part of online classes for me has to be the fact that I can attend from anywhere and it really frees up my schedule.

Goksu says, “Just being able to track my assignments in Canvas and save lessons helps me a lot and it really reflects on my grades. I can also focus on my in-person classes and other responsibilities. I will also be looking to enroll in online classes next semester.

There are students who do not prefer to take online courses. The CSN IR report notes that students 35 and older tend to enroll in on-campus courses.

According to the National University, some of the disadvantages of online courses – which may affect this demographic – would include: high technical requirements, greater need for self-motivation, possible distractions at home, less cooperation and interaction with peers.

CSN continues to offer both modalities. It will be interesting to follow the statistics in the years to come to see where the demand is.