5 Free Excel Training Sites and Courses to Become a Spreadsheet Master

Knowing how to use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets is an essential job skill at this stage. However, if you’re still struggling and don’t know where to turn for help, these free websites and online tutors will take you from an Excel beginner to a spreadsheet master.

Effective use of spreadsheets can be the difference between manually performing certain tasks repeatedly or letting the software do the heavy lifting for you. Whether you prefer to learn through YouTube videos, university-backed online courses, or free tutorials made by regular Internet users, these free Excel trainers will teach you everything you need to know.

1. Leila Gharani (YouTube): Best YouTube Channel to Learn Excel for Free

Leila Gharani has been making easy-to-understand videos on her YouTube channel for years that deal almost exclusively with how to do something in Microsoft Excel. It also often covers Google Sheets and MS Word or Powerpoint, but the focus is largely on Excel. So if you prefer learning through videos rather than reading articles, Gharani’s channel answers all your questions.

As a beginner you might want to go through it Intro to Excel Reading List, which teaches the basics of Excel in simple terms. Gharani alternates between speaking to the camera and showing live on-screen demonstrations in a conversational style that doesn’t overwhelm you with too much information. It contains 27 videos totaling up to four hours and 15 minutes of material. You can go through this as it is a free and private e-learning course on YouTube.

If you are not an Excel newbie, you can check out many of its other Excel playlists, such as Advanced Queries, Charts, LOOKUP Formulas, VBA, and Macros. The channel typically features two new videos a week, often sharing tips and tricks to gradually make you a better Excel user.

2. CampusExcel (Web, YouTube): Tutorials, Free Webinar, and Free Excel Add-ins

It’s amazing how many free resources Excel Campus offers anyone to get better at Microsoft Excel. Jon Acampora’s site is full of tools and templates for adding superpowers to Excel, and he also teaches tips and tricks on his YouTube channel.

If you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll receive a free ebook on 10 Excel Pro Tips, a VLOOKUP Essentials guide, a printable list of Excel shortcuts, and more. Acampora has also written its own Excel add-ins to add shortcut tools to the ribbon bar, making it easy to add filtered ranges, pivot tables, chart alignments, and custom shortcuts. Excel Campus also has a comprehensive list of templates, tables, formulas, and functions you can download, each with its own blog post explaining how to use it. All of this is available on Campus Excel Tools pages for free.

Acampora is also hosting a free webinar in which it shares its “5-Step Blueprint for Excel”, which explains formulas, pivot tables, macros and VBA. The YouTube channel also has in-depth videos for each of them, if you don’t want to attend the webinar and just watch the tutorials at a time of your choosing.

3. Leaf hacks (Web): Searchable database of the best Excel tutorials and how-to’s

Sheet Hacks is a collection of over 500 of the best resources for learning how to do anything in Excel or Google Sheets. The focus is on ease of searching the database, as it is powered by Polymer Search, a tool for searching spreadsheets.

The collection includes videos, article tutorials, and short guides from various places on the internet, including some of the best sites for Excel formulas. You’ll find everything from search and statistics functions to JSON and VBA. You can browse the site by categories or topics, but the focus here is on making the search function work well, so just try to find what you’re looking for.

Each Sheet Hacks tutorial is assigned a difficulty level, ranging from 1 (easiest) to 5 (hardest). Most posts have a difficulty level of 4 or 5, which is ideal when you’re looking for the best resource to learn how to perform a specific spreadsheet task at an advanced level. You can also sort your results by difficulty or topic to make it easier to find what you want.

4. Excel skills for business (Coursera): Online course to learn how to use Excel for work

The free online learning platform Coursera, in association with Macquarie University, offers a comprehensive course to teach anyone how to use Excel for business purposes. The complete course is divided into four parts, covering different Excel skill levels:

  1. Essential: The Excel Essentials course familiarizes students with the interface and terminology of Excel over six weeks, with a different module in each.
  2. Intermediate I: The first part of the intermediate course is a 6 week course to learn several workbooks, functions, ranges and summarize data.
  3. Intermediate II: The second part of the intermediate course lasts another six weeks and covers conditional logic, macros, LOOKUP, data modeling and formula auditing.
  4. Advanced: The final course covers spreadsheet design, advanced formulas, advanced search, data preparation, financial functions, and creating dashboards.

At the end of each six-week course, you can take a one-hour final assessment test to see what you have learned. It’s a comprehensive, detailed course and one of those Coursera certificates that count towards a resume. But even if you don’t do it for the resume, the Excel skills taught in this e-learning course are essential for businesses and workplaces.

5. Excel Exhibition (Web): Reddit’s Free Guide to Learning Excel

Reddit University, an open-source open-source learning center, has closed. But some of its popular courses are still available online in different forms. Ben Currier taught the Introduction to Microsoft Excel course at Reddit University and has since turned it into a freelance website at Excel Exposure.

The main page of the site shows you all the lessons available in different categories like basic formatting techniques or introduction to pivot tables. In this, you will simply choose what you want to learn and watch the corresponding video. However, pass Currier recommended learning course for a step by step guide. You will learn how to use Excel starting with beginner lessons, moving on to intermediate skills and finally moving on to advanced tasks like macros or VBA.

Excel Exposure also gives you a handy “master workbook” that you can download for free. It’s like a mega cheat sheet for every Excel formula or function, including explanation, syntax, category, and shortcut. So whenever you wonder what to type in the formula bar, you can quickly figure it out through the workbook.

The Best Excel Shortcut or Hack: Templates

All of these courses and tutorials require you to put in some time and effort. And they’ll be worth it in the long run, because you’ll be able to create custom Excel spreadsheets that work exactly the way you want them to.

But if you’re in a rush right now, the best Excel hack is to browse free Excel templates and find one that fits what you need to do. These are multiple sites where people share various models for different purposes. If needed, you can start with one of these templates instead of creating your own sheet.