18 MET students receive grants for Clarkson courses and equestrian training sessions

By Tatum Mitchell

Eighteen members of Metropolitan Equestrian Team (MET) has received various grants to participate in college-accredited equestrian courses with Clarkson University, as well as a week-long equestrian training session at Emily Elek’s Stonewall Farm in Wisconsin this summer.

Recipients of the MZ Farms Scholarship will enroll in a course at Clarkson, alongside young riders who have been awarded the Helen Gurley Brown Genius Scholarship and the Becky Family Scholarship. Additionally, recipients of the Helen Gurley Brown Genius Scholarship and the Becky Family Scholarship will travel to Stonewall Farm for the equestrian training session.

MET is a non-profit organization for young riders with a passion for horses and learning, providing scholarships to students nationwide to attend programs and prepare for college. Stonewall Farm has been an immersive horse education learning site for MET students since 2019.

“We are delighted to have the support of the Helen Gurley Brown Foundation, MZ Farms, the Becky Family and the Patricia DaCosta Memorial Fund,” said Executive Director Jane DaCosta. “Access to quality education and equestrian opportunities should never be inaccessible for financial reasons. We are grateful to have these organizations and donors on our side to provide a great opportunity for the leaders of tomorrow.

Taught by Professor Klemm, the Clarkson Course provide students with an in-depth skill set to navigate and succeed in the equestrian industry.

“The Muzzy family and MZ Farms are thrilled to support these ambitious and highly deserving MET riders as they further their knowledge of the equestrian world through college courses at Clarkson,” says Cathy Muzzy of MZ Farms. “Furthermore, Dr. Klemm is an incredible mentor, gifted in helping students better understand their many possibilities and options. She will become an incredible resource for them. We look forward to hearing about their experiences this summer.

University credit courses focus on the equestrian industry and address economic and professional challenges, mental skills and their relationship to lifelong learning and courage, and various functions of the operation of the horse industry. the economic impact of $300 billion a year.

“This sport is unique because it’s a lifelong sport,” says Klemm. “The management of decision-making, finances and emotions and the understanding of market forces can always be improved. This investment in education will benefit students for decades to come.

Lana Ciaramella, director of riding operations and programs at the Metropolitan Equestrian Team, says these grants provide a great opportunity for students to incorporate their passion for horses while preparing for college.

“This is a great introduction to the college experience for these students,” says Ciaramella. “At Metropolitan, it’s not if they go to college, it’s when they go to college. Being able to offer them this opportunity therefore means a lot to us.

MET was established as a 501c(3) non-profit organization in 2010 and has expanded opportunities and engagement with cyclists of all skill levels and backgrounds over the past 12 years. Building on several years of active programming and collaborations, this year is the largest group to participate with Clarkson University and Stonewall Farms. Ciaramella says she looks forward to the students’ experiences and seeing them use their increased knowledge as they return home across the country.

“It’s also been great to be able to see this national organization, to bring them together in person to bond as MET students.” said Ciaramelle.

Congratulations to the MET runners listed below.

Helen Gurley Brown Genius Grant Recipient Janie Wilder.

Recipients of the Helen Gurley Brown Genius Grant:

Savannah Bryant

Avia Gamelin

Olivia Korzep

Anna Kovacs

Darrah Reilly

Jillian Santangeli

Jane Wilder

Rachel Wright

Beneficiaries of the Becky Family Grant:

Simone Taylor

MZ Farms grant recipient Jayven Kilgore.

MZ Farms grant recipients:

Gabriel Chan

Tristan Chan

Eva DiGirolomo

Rose Ganz

Jayven Kilgore

Leslie Minton

Abbigail Shallow

Patricia DaCosta Memorial Scholarship:

Baldi Pearl

The American riding school Summer Fellow:

Finley Thomas

Metropolitan Equestrian Team is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the athletic and academic success of young riders through scholarships, grants, college preparation, and a wide variety of educational programs. MET promotes inclusion and equity; the organization provides young riders with access to the learning opportunities and life lessons that come with being part of the equestrian community. For more information and to donate, visit: https://www.metropolitanequestrianteam.org/

MZ Farms is a family equestrian structure dedicated to the development of young riders and horses. Cathy, Steve and Lily Muzzy are committed to caring for their horses and supporting young riders in various ways. MZ Farms believes horses can change the world for the better. Learn more by visiting their website: https://mzfarmsllc.com

Helen Gurley Brown Foundation, established in 2010, awards grants to individuals and helps fund programs from the ground up. Helen Gurley Brown and her husband, David Brown, helped build the Foundation out of their trust and Helen’s lived experiences, making a difference one person at a time. To learn more about Helen Gurley Brown and the Foundation, click here: ​​https://www.thehgbfoundation.org