11 of the best online courses you can enroll in right now

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Like a child, learning was often felt like a chore. I never felt like I was learning for the sake of learning, but rather memorizing facts and equations in order to pass a test or quiz.

However, I have always been a curious person; I find myself in a Google rabbit hole on a new topic just about every day. Growing up, I found joy in embracing this curiosity. It keeps our brain sharp, can make us happy and help us grow as people.

There are so many online courses these days that will help you learn new things without spending a fortune or even leaving your home. Each course is different in terms of content, duration and general expectations, but the best part is that there really is something for everyone.

Below we share some of the best online courses you can enroll in right now. You can also get 25% off all Udactiy programs for Cybersecurity Awareness Month by using promo code: CAREER25 at checkout. Whether you’re looking to learn the basics of Java programming or want to understand the science of happiness, there’s a course for you.


This introductory course from Udacity teaches students how to become more efficient in programs like Excel, SQL, and Tableau. One of the first lessons focuses on how business analysts use data to answer questions and communicate insightful insights to companies. You will also learn how to manipulate, analyze and visualize important data using the simple yet powerful Excel spreadsheet. The next few lessons will walk you through Structured Query Language (SQL) to help you learn how to analyze information already stored in a database. The online program offers hands-on assistance and personalized feedback on your projects from experienced project reviewers.

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This 4-month online course teaches you the basics of coding. Covering some of the most important programming languages ​​used today, such as HTML CSS, Python and JavaScript. With the help of hands-on exercises, you will have the opportunity to deepen the fundamentals of coding. You’ll also use some of the problem-solving techniques that coders use day in and day out. The first lesson walks you through basic web development. You create your own mock website, but also copy a given design so you can learn how professionals create, develop and maintain their own sites. Udacity also provides mentor support, a flexible learning program, and real-world projects that help you improve your skills as you progress through the lessons and become a more proficient coder.

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This 3-month online course will make you an expert in natural language processing techniques, which allow computers to process, manipulate and understand human language. This course gives you access to real-world projects, mentor support, and career services. If you work in technology and are looking to land a role in NLP, this is a great investment.


Find out what happiness really means with this self-paced positive psychology course. Not only will you delve into the science of what makes us happy, but you’ll receive practical strategies to help you nurture and maintain your own happiness and emotional well-being.


This online course covers everything you need to know to become a digital marketer. For starters, they include marketing fundamentals, search engine marketing, email marketing, and SEO essentials. There are no prerequisites, so anyone can enjoy it. Although expensive, it is essentially a crash course equivalent to earning a small degree in the subject.


Whether you have an idea for an app you’re trying to run or just want to learn more about coding, this quick and free online course on Swift (Apple’s programming language for building iOS apps ) is perfect for you. It’s taught by industry professionals, features interactive quizzes to keep you on your A-game, and lets you go at your own pace.


When it comes to job hunting, good networking skills are paramount. This is why this free online program from Udacity is so valuable. You’ll learn networking strategies to help you connect in person and online, as well as how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for better results. By the end of the course, you will have a strong sense of your personal brand and the confidence to navigate your job search.


Explore life’s biggest questions with this course in ancient philosophy. You will learn what philosophy is and study the works of ancient Greek thinkers like Socrates, Anaxagoras and Plato. You can be sure that this course will broaden your mind and make you think, well… think.


Why is it sometimes so difficult to be productive? I don’t know the answer, but I know I’m extremely tempted to take this course to figure it out. It explains why we are unproductive and provides solutions, techniques and strategies to improve time management and productivity. When you are done with this educational program, you should be able to work with less stress. You should also have more time to achieve your professional and personal goals and maybe you will finally master Excel.

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What does healthy eating really look like? This online course explores this question and the importance of nutrition in disease prevention. Throughout the program, you will learn about food science, food safety, nutrition, and health informatics. Simply put, you will walk away with the knowledge to optimize your own health with what you eat.


Understanding human thought and behavior is not only great for strengthening your personal relationships, but can be a very beneficial skill to have in many different careers. This introductory psychology online course covers all major psychological concepts and principles. You will walk away with a stronger sense of psychological development, awareness, memory and more.