Who do I ask for a € 500 credit if I am in Financial Association (and without an endorsement)? The interesting query of a reader, to which we respond in our article today.

Getting a loan of € 500 without endorsement and being in Financial Association (or similar files) is not always easy but, of course, it is not impossible. If like Carlos, you also need a micro credit, but you are in Association and / or you do not have a guarantee to present, keep reading, we will tell you where and how to solve this delicate situation. Advertising

This is the text of the email that Carlos has been so kind to send us. It exposes us the protagonist doubt of our article today:

Get 500 euros, figuring in Financial Association and without avail.

Some Quick Money financiers grant mini-loans without endorsement and with Financial Association.

Good afternoon,

My name is Carlos, and I am sending you this email with the hope that, like many other people, you can help me out. But above all I want first of all to congratulate you and thank you for taking into account my request for help. Now, I explain more thoroughly my case.

The fact is that I see that these days I will have many expenses despite living only with my partner, who currently has no work, due to the classic expenses involved in Christmas . And so that the January slope will not be too steep, I need extra money that at this moment I can not get at once. It is not too much, I would be worth with a credit 500 euros for the contribution to dinners, gifts and outings with family and friends, no special luxury.

“I have a salary but I am in Financial Association, will they give me € 500 without guarantor?”

For my part, I have a more or less stable job, with a payroll of 1,100 euros net , but the banks do not give me credit because I am in Financial Association for a pending invoice (it is not for a credit).

That is why I think that the solution for this emergency could be to find some company that grants private equity loans and I would like to know what alternatives there are to get a credit of five hundred euros with Financial Association, even if I have to pay a little more interest since, Although I do not have enough money, I could face the extra expense and thus have a mattress during these weeks. I have looked in several places where to ask for money online, but it is not clear to me which of the online financials give you a microloan without an endorsement, and whether they accept Financial Association or not. Hence my email, I would like you to explain to me where to process the fastest possible credit with these conditions that I have.

As it is the first time that I am going to request a financial service of this type, there are many doubts that arise about how to take the process, the documentation that I will need to provide, as well as if I am included in a delinquency file, I will be able to access an urgent loan in one of the many fast money financial institutions that exist today.

OUR RESPONSE: Yes, there are companies that grant loans of 500 euros (even more) lacking endorsement, even if you are in Financial Association.

Dear Carlos

Thanks to you for writing. It is because of the questions of the users that we are able to make this place a source of information for all people seeking advice, in something as important as getting a quick credit , in your case a loan with Financial Association and without endorsement of 500 euros

By comparing and informing you, you will gain in security, in time and, of course, in interests. Thank you for doing it with El Dinero Rápido , it will be a pleasure to answer your question.

In effect, there are financial companies that offer loans without endorsements and (in some cases) with Financial Association


That is, credits for people who appear in delinquency files, such as RAI or EXPERIAN or the Financial Association itself, among others. If you want to go straight to the point in our article MICROCREDITS Financial Association (CLICK TO GO) you can see which financial institutions could grant you this € 500 credit without endorsement, even if you are in Financial Association.

If you need € 500 urgent, we are talking about micro loans.

Depending on the amount requested, these credits can be mini loans, mortgage loans or quick loans. In your case, Carlos, as it is a loan of 500 euros without endorsement (and being in Financial Association) , we would find ourselves in the case of mini loans.

Mini credits are granted very quickly, even before 10 minutes , after a quick analysis of your application and the risks that the financial company is willing to take.

Regular requirements to request money with Financial Association and without endorsement.

Now, another different thing is the conditions of the different entities that offer personal loans with Financial Association . The essential to borrow money online, is to have Spain as a place of residence , be over 18 years (according to the financial, can be any more), have a bank account in your name (where you will get the money) and some means of contact, such as a mobile phone or an email address .

The interests, which generally hover between 18 – 30% on the amount we ask, so that of those 500 euros you ask, you might have to return a total of 650 euros in total , that is 150 euros only in interest (It is an example to give you an idea, the fees of the financial depend on each).


You can also evaluate the possibility of requesting quick loans without endorsement between individuals

Take advantage of the free credits option

A small parenthesis to add that, although it is true that they do not usually grant more than 300 euros, some entities offer, as a promotion loans where the first is free.

In this link you have a list of the financial companies that currently offer free loans , an option to take into account when it comes to a product that may be so expensive, but that can not always be obtained while in Financial Association, although without having endorsement

The deadline to return it is usually just over 30 days , although in some cases it can be extended several weeks, also increasing interest. This is another thing that fluctuates depending on the entity and especially how much money is requested. Of course, you need to be sure that you can return the loan at that time, because as interest is delayed, it will go up a lot, so that it can become almost 100% of the value of the loan, that is, to pay in full double what we ordered.