Get fast loans without payroll or endorsement is becoming a regular among Spanish consumers

The application and the loan of small amounts that are returned in a short period of time and that can help you if you need quick money. Today, in The Quick Money , we tell you how to get cash without endorsement and without payroll. Advertising




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Get fast money without payroll

When it comes to getting fast money without payroll it is really hard to find financing. Well because financial institutions, of all kinds, see as an essential value that the candidate for a loan has a payroll or, failing that, an endorsement (although it is easy for us to ask for both, as I’m sure you already know), since they understand that things are like that forever and they want to continue working.

Given this situation, the new microcredit financiers have dared to try another business model, one that offers the client the possibility of getting money without a payroll and even without a guarantee.

This, of course, must be paid. They are companies like any other and want, of course, to make their operations profitable. The point is that, if you find yourself in need of a small capital quickly, you can take advantage of this new product.

We always say that micro loans are not for all occasions, which is perfectly understood to see their prices, but it is indisputable that at any given time can be of great help. What would no longer be profitable is to depend too much on them. They have the function they have: help you get money urgently with ASNEF and without endorsement , even if you do not have a salary receipt.

And, although all this is very good, as we would do with any other purchase, it is very useful to compare and verify what we are looking for, before deciding. That is our mission, to help you to solve the problem, saving at the same time.

And as always, we are delighted to receive the comments and emails of our users, as is the case of this visitor who has been so kind to write us and tell us about his experience, looking for money without payroll and also without endorsement.

A user writes us about mini-credits without endorsement or payroll

It is possible that you have some acquaintance (or even yourself) who is currently unemployed. This is the case, for example, of an Internet user who told us his story in an email. Without giving personal data we transcribe his experience.

Subject: Loans with ASNEF without endorsement


The reason for this email is to inform me about some type of credits without payroll or endorsement . I would not need a lot of money, just enough to fix a breakdown in my car, which is imperative for me and my family.

Quick loans without payroll or endorsement

I am a Spanish man, from Madrid for more signs, who until recently worked in the construction industry. My life was quiet and every month came the salary, so at home I did not lack anything (without going into luxuries that we do not want or need). Only with what I earned and something that my wife brought home (she sews for a small clientele), we were pulling more than good.

It was 1 week ago that I received my letter of dismissal. In it I was told that they would not need me anymore and that they processed the paperwork to take him to work. I was not surprised, many colleagues have already been fired in recent years, even I thought it was strange that the company continued with the 5 people who remained.

For a series of issues that I will not mention, in the employment office they told me that they would not pay me at least for a month or a month and a half. I mentioned it to my ex-boss and I told him that, logically, I had to charge the compensation this month because otherwise … to see what my family and I live on.

His response was that we should go to a lawyer to formalize the claim against the dismissal and so pay me in the trial, or something like that (I was very nervous and I did not understand clearly all that mess of waiting for the payroll until the trial ).

As it seems that he was right and this is so, I run out of money this month, because neither payroll, nor compensation, nor unemployment, nor endorsement to request a loan to the bank. All that I will have for the next, the same as the other.

On the other hand, 4 years ago I had a very big brawl with a telephone company and, as I was right, I refused to pay and they included me in ASNEF . I hope there is some type of quick credit without payroll or endorsement, which can also be obtained with ASNEF .

I mean credits without papers or guarantor that covers me and being on a list of defaulters.

Thank you

Applicant for information on urgent loans without payroll or endorsement

We, in this particular case, advise Arturo to go to Cashper or Twinero (formerly Viasms) , who can possibly help him, even though he lacks payroll (obviously each of the houses will have to study the credit application before answer him). Also with them you can consider asking for credits with ASNEF without endorsement.

We also advise you to take a look at the quick money directory in Madrid , where you can find loan companies in your city.

Teach me quick credits without payroll or endorsement.

Quick loans without endorsement between individuals, another option more

We can not pass up the possibility of obtaining loans between individuals without endorsement , which naturally exists. This system to get fast money is plausible, as long as we have the security of dealing with a serious individual, who manages the operation as impeccably as the best private financial. Since in the end, as in everything, will depend on who we negotiate that loan between individuals without endorsement.

You can get quick money without endorsement through individuals, of course. However, it is always advisable to test the options offered by financial institutions, given the intrusion that sometimes occurs in this market niche. What does not mean that there are no good professionals who go “for free”, but we would not be offering you quality information if we did not make this note.

Quick loans without endorsement between individuals

If you want you can consult our “local free directory” of minipréstamos where, among others, you will find professionals who work in a particular way and who grant quick loans without endorsement.

Although, generally, the directory does not include individuals, but companies and entities specializing in microloans , in the same way as other professions related to the world of credit, are represented in it.

You have, for example, the option to get fast money between individuals in Madrid or, if you live in Barcelona, ​​the section of loans in Barcelona . Obviously these entities can offer financing without endorsement or not offer it, being an information directory of addresses and telephones.

In the home of our website you have other important areas of Spain, check them.

Debit and credit cards without endorsement

Many users choose to request a credit card without endorsement . This is very logical since the entities offer more and more advantages, both in terms of requirements and variety of offer. Do not miss the post we have prepared for your information.

Quick loans without payroll or endorsement

Continuing with the publication of the consultations on quick loans without payroll or endorsement that you make us, we go to Julia, also from Madrid , who asks us how to request microloans without having someone to guarantee it or a receipt of salaries:

Srs. Of The Quick Money,

I am writing to you to ask you about my case, which is specifically how to request online mini-credits without payroll or endorsement.

I work on my own, I have income every month, but it is an activity that I am obliged to do without any type of work contract, payroll, or anything. If I had to pay for self-employment, it would be more expensive to work than to be at home. But it is true that I have a salary, to call it in some way, that gives me food every day.

My intention is to go up soon and can work autonomously me, but of course it will not be today or tomorrow.

Get quick credits without payroll or endorsement, it is possible

Having said that, I will explain my case, regarding what we could call “request quick credits without payroll or endorsement”.

I am Spanish, I am 32 years old and I am dedicated to selling flats for other people, generally for individuals that are advertised in newspapers and, of course, they will not give me a payroll, nor will they guarantee me if I need a loan urgent

The sale of flats, as everyone knows, is nowadays very devalued. One for the tremendous drop they have made since the real estate bubble burst , and another because, as a result of that, buyers are seen as frying in the handle and it is very difficult to convince them to accept reasonable prices. They want to pay 5 for a house that is worth 10, I think that sums it up well.

It’s been 3 months since my boyfriend and I decided to move in together and, paradoxically, considering that I sell and rent apartments to the people, we do not find any (for rent), that we do not ask for a bond for at least 2 months , plus the current month or prorate of this.

We have tried everything to get that capital that we need to go live together. And it becomes very difficult, because of my situation, without payroll or endorsement, and that of my boyfriend, who also does not have a salary or endorsement, being unemployed at this time (for a month and a half). He will soon have a job, with which he will have a payroll and, if his father accepts, also an endorsement . But we need fast money and it has to be now. We have tried in a financial institution in Alicante, which we took from your quick money page in Valencia , based here in Madrid. But they always give us the same chant, you need a payroll and you need a guarantee to access your credits.

So we considered the idea of ​​requesting a mini credit online . And at the moment we are looking to see how we can ask for it, so as not to arrive with the NO at hand. Asking for money online is a bit scary, because I would prefer to apply in person. But it seems that there is no problem and that it is quite easy.

We, my boyfriend and I, have agreed to open an application with one of the financiers who seems not to ask for guarantor or payroll for their loans . We would like you to confirm if this is the case and if you can request quick credits without payroll or endorsement.

Thank you


To Julia, as well as to Arturo a few lines above, we tell you that it is possible to get this loan and you must go to the sections on our website dedicated to this subject.

Thank you for trusting us to manage your mini online loans without payroll or endorsement.

Quick Credits with ASNEF and without endorsement

It is an attractive idea for many people but must be taken responsibly.

TIP : To see loans with ASNEF click here

Compare with us, find quick credits with ASNEF without endorsement and, in addition, save. But remember that they must be worn with a head and that it is still an expensive product. If you need Quick Money they are an excellent option, but not as usual, because although they are so easy to get, as is the example of getting them even without a salary and being in ASNEF, if we request them every month, the economic effort to return them It will increase and it may not be worth it.

That said, the mini urgent loans without endorsement or payroll are a perfect tool for a given time, in which we need cash and we do not know how to get hold of it.

Minicréditos without payroll being in ASNEF

A combination, to get minicredit without payroll and ASNEF , really hard to see these days, but with the new loans without payroll or endorsement you will have microcredit with ASNEF without really needing a payroll, it can be a benefit, retirement or pension, for example.

Quick credits without papers

How to get a quick credit without papers and heavy shipments of documentation is another of the usual queries in our mailbox. People who need a quick credit do not usually want to waste time with unnecessary paperwork and answering a lot of questions. It is also not true that you are not confused with advertising, that it goes so far as to grant cash loans without a guarantee and without proof of income.

In some way we will always have to justify some kind of compensation, if we look for cash loans . It is true that this income does not necessarily have to come from a conventional wage bill, as it is the case of the payroll advance loans, we can present an unemployment benefit, for example, or the pension, self-employed , subsidy, etc. But from there to say that you will succeed with our request, without providing a monthly and constant economic benefit, much more if we do not have endorsement, there is a stretch.

Generally, the need for money is urgent, so they go to financial institutions that respond to their request instantaneously and without too many complications. If this is your case, if you want to access one of these quick credits without papers, we recommend that you read our article on how to get a loan with only the DNI or NIE in Spain (click to go), where you will find the information you need to find the financing that best suits your needs, also if what you need are urgent loans without endorsement or payroll or even if you are in ASNEF.

Loans without payroll or endorsement, possible but from the responsibility

It has been more than clear that the existence of minicredit without payroll or endorsement today is a fact more than proven and achieved within the world of private financing. And as we have also explained, the financiers have not stayed at that limit. They have managed to overcome the challenge by making many people who had it too complicated to access this money quickly. And it is that the credits with ASNEF without endorsement or payroll are more than possible nowadays.

For this reason, in which the facilities begin to run, users of this financial aid must go with the feet of lead. Because it does not stop being a loan of money that has to be returned with some interest. And if we do not curl the loop, as is the case of the aforementioned credits with ASNEF without payroll or endorsement , we will not pay “cheap” for such a convoluted service.

That is why, before taking a step with any type of loan contracting without endorsement and without payroll, we must be totally sure of the financial company with which we are going to sign this service and that, of course, we can all face and each of the requirements that we are required when it comes to agreeing.

From the team of El Dinero Rápido we want to propose some steps to follow so that you can carry out, and it is safer and more efficient to hire urgent money without a payroll or any other type of private financing, such as loans without endorsement . Remember that this is not an obligation, but some guidelines to be able to face the best way possible the return of the loan.

  • Search : research about all financial entities that offer loans without payroll and without endorsement , or those in which you are interested at that time. To be able to move on to the next step.
  • Select : once with everything on the table, you have to choose those offers that you can really face. That is, those whose requirements you meet, whose requirements you are able to achieve, etc. You should always make this selection with a cool head and being realistic. Since the non-compliance of the terms that are imposed when hiring a loan without payroll or endorsement , can bring you more problems than you think.
  • Compare : now that you have made the most important screen, COMPARE. It is not a joke. It is the most important step. Several credit institutions may work under the conditions that you can comply with and comply with, but not all work in the same way. Analyze your prices, your requirements, the return periods (very important this point), etc.
  • Choose : once you have compared and decided, you only have to choose and get in touch with the online credit institution that you have chosen.

We know that these steps can take some time, and that they are not exactly the most enjoyable thing in the world. But really they are necessary to save you so much trouble in the future, like money. It is a very profitable time in the long run, that you will be grateful to have taken before an important decision.