We have realized in recent months, that processing private equity loans without property , is a question that is raised very often on our website. Therefore, to get up to date and get you as informed as possible in all aspects of this world, today we are going to tell you how to get a small credit of private money , without endorsements and with the possibility of even getting personal loans with ASNEF.


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Private capital loans without endorsements, so for good?

To begin with and not confuse the reader, we must point out that, in one way or another, when private loans are requested, we must justify certain solvency to the entities. As if, for example, we are going to request a personal loan from BBVA, Banco Santander or any other entity, especially if we do it without any property or guarantee .

The question, therefore, focuses on what type of financial or banking entities are those that ask for endorsement and those that do not. Also, if we go deeper into our “personal demands”, we should also make a discard about who accepts that we are in a file, like ASNEF, and who does not.

And there begins the interesting thing about this:

The possibility of obtaining quick loans with ASNEF , without having to present an endorsement, is a real fact nowadays. And if we get fussy, we could say that it is a requirement of the most normal, and is that loans with ASNEF and without property are one of the most common types of applications currently given the lack of endorsements and inclusion in lists of defaults of a large part of society. And it is not that this is the best: an unemployment benefit (to put a case), it helps us to apply for private credit. That is to say, that the guarantee to enter a money monthly (such as unemployment), becomes a “pro” in your favor at the time of requesting this money.

And is that, if you have a regular income (from our salary, a benefit, pension, etc.) is a sufficient requirement for lending companies without endorsement . Similarly, people who work on their own, have the option to opt for loans for freelancers without endorsement .

The majority of financiers are enough and they are left with these requirements to know that you can return the money that is requested. Other conditions to apply for these private loans without property are, in general:

  • Be a resident in Spain
  • Have a minimum age (depending on the financial age, they can be 18, 21 or 23 years old)
  • They also usually mark a maximum age, which can reach 70 years or, as the case may be, overcome it

These cases (that accept ASNEF) are applicable to quick credits, but not to credit cards .

Private loans without endorsement, we help you find yours

So, it is true that in many cases the fast money financiers will not demand an endorsement, but rather a payroll or an unemployment benefit, subsidies, etc. Qualities that are light years away from traditional banking, as far as customer offer is concerned. And, with classical banking, we will find enormous difficulties (if it is not impossible at all) get fast money , if we start with the premises without payroll or endorsement .
And do not think that the advantages of applying for a private equity loan without a guarantee provided you have some source of income, end here. Well, these new companies, money concessionaires, allow you to obtain it with the benefit that there are usually not many questions .

This loan product starts from a much more flexible vision, regarding the conditioning factors, when managing financial credits . Although this same flexibility, it also gives it a special character, “out of the ordinary”, which always makes a service more expensive. That’s why, from El Dinero Rápido, we want you to benefit by comparing. Not all online microloans are the same, of course not. Compare with us and choose the best credit according to your circumstances, without losing time or money.

Private capital without property

Of course, it is difficult to get hold of private capital without any property that we can use as collateral. This does not mean that it is impossible, but of course all that glitters is not gold. If we intend to get a loan without providing any property, this can not be for a very significant amount. In any case, in principle yes that we can request a small amount, generally of the order of 1000 euros , perhaps more.

Private money with ASNEF, does this option exist?

Of course it exists. Getting private money with RAI, or with ASNEF , is one of those differences we are talking about.

It is a fact that the economic crisis has shaken our society and the solvency of citizens. This, inevitably, has brought a consequence: that being in a file of defaulters in Spain is the most usual, unfortunately. It is not necessary to comment that the inclusion in this type of lists made it much harder to get private guarantors , or someone who grants us financing. But with the financial update to the current situation in the country, this has changed. Today there are already many entities that ignore this obstacle of being in ASNEF. Moreover, to curl the loop, it is possible to grant credits with ASNEF without ownership , as we mentioned earlier in the post. Something very interesting is that we can do with credits in 24 hours and, in many cases, even in much less time.

If you are interested in this option, do not miss our section dedicated to financials that allow you to be included in delinquency files, where you can choose a microcredit with ASNEF (click to go) perfect for you.

Private loans without guarantee and without interest, the most sought-after offer

Currently, the world of financial loans offers options that can not be ignored. Like the free loans that some private money entities offer to their clients when it is the first mini-credit that they request.

There are few entities, sometimes only one of them can maintain the offer, depending on what time of year we are (due to the calendar of promotions that each credit institution handles). But it is very rare that there is not one at least. You can catch up, about private money entities that grant credits, the first free .

How much money can I request if I do it online? (without guarantor)

We must remember that we are talking about micro loans, so the capital granted is usually not very high. To give you an idea, the average of this financial product is around 300 euros, although you can request a credit of 1000 euros or even more, without endorsement.

To request money online, for amounts higher than the one named, and depends too much on the entity to which you address, such as if you hire a physical office. It is quite logical to think that, as we increase the amount to be requested, the closer we get to figures that are hard to come by without a guarantor, a property, etc.

At El Dinero Rápido we specialize in informing you about online microcredits, so those you will find on our website are, almost all, without the need for paperwork, endorsements and without too many demands or questions. That is why you will not see offers in loans for more serious capital, in which, obviously, it will be much easier to ask for a guarantee.

Quick loans with ASNEF without property (clarifying doubts)

We would like to clarify more the concept that arises from this question so frequent in our email, and is that the issue of fast micro-credits with ASNEF brings a lot of tail nowadays.

Is it possible to get fast loans with ASNEF without property ?

And it is that from eldinerorapido.es we want to deal with this topic in depth, given its repercussion on the internet and, as we have commented at the beginning of the post, the general interest that users of this web have with this particular topic. Therefore, we want to prepare this article as complete as possible, to clarify any doubts that may arise, since some terms may lead to confusion.

When we talk about credits “without endorsement”, we do not only refer to getting private credits without a person endorsing you, but rather that it is not necessary to put property as collateral , such as our house .

This is a very logical characteristic in low-value micro-credit, because financial institutions know very well that they could never demand ownership for a small debt of, for example, a credit of 300 euros . This is something completely obvious, but so many definitions of this product, “without guarantees”, “without property”, “without guarantees”, etc., can lead to confusion.

Therefore, if this is our case, we will be interested to know that yes: today it is perfectly possible to apply for quick credits with ASNEF without property , that is, that despite being included in a list of economic delinquency, we can access the concession of a credit without the need to present any type of guarantee for said operation.

And, the private equity entities specialized in online loans know exactly what their clients need, and have been able to adapt to social changes to offer a service in which we can get private money through a simple operation, which does not require or complete an endless paperwork, or carefully read extensive contracts and, of course, no guarantee or property is required.
Therefore, it can be said openly that with these peculiar characteristics, we can manage the entire operation from home through the internet, in just a few minutes.

As we have mentioned on more than one occasion throughout this article, private equity entities offer a very different proposal to the one we are used to find in our banks or financial institutions “of always”, where it would be quite complicated get a loan if our credit history was linked to delinquency lists and, in addition, we did not have properties with which to guarantee this loan.

Therefore, when we are in this situation and we think ” I need money “, the fast credit entities are a timely solution that can be very useful, given the advantage it offers us of not having to put our home as collateral .

Responsibility for applying for quick loans without payroll and property

We have been asking slightly throughout the post, but we want to clarify more and deepen this issue, because the request for, for example, personal loans with ASNEF and without housing is no nonsense.

It is true, as we have informed you, that the private lenders have advanced a lot with respect to the social-economic situation of the country, but this does not mean that citizens who are in the situation of hiring any type of loan must be cautious and prudent

First of all, you should think that the more requirements you demand when asking for this money, like the credits being in ASNEF without property , it will mean that you will be more expensive than others that are more “simple”.

To begin with, we are going to give you some small tips that may seem silly, but they are very useful and, in the long run, you will appreciate having followed them because you will have avoided experiencing many problems:

  1. Investigate: you should always have in your hands all the necessary information about all the financial entities that can grant you the desired loans
  2. Read the fine print: be thorough with the terms and conditions that you must meet with the lender. Rate if you can accept them correctly and especially if you can meet the deadline
  3. Compare: you must assess which of all the options you have on the table is the best for you. Many times, even if it’s a little more expensive, you have terms or terms that adapt better to your economic solvency
  4. Decide: as we have told you, you have to weigh up. Think that the credits that have several requirements on the part of the user, like the loans with ASNEF without mortgage guarantee , are less economic than the simple ones, and therefore you have to value personally what you need, what they offer you and with what you can compromise