How to apply for a loan with only the DNI (National Identity Document) or NIE (Foreigner Identity Number) in Spain, is the query that has come to our email

We have asked the author’s permission, so that he can let us publish his question about getting a credit with only the DNI , anonymously. The name and city of the consultant have been changed to respect said anonymity.

We are going to answer this question today, about how to obtain fast credits with only the DNI or NIE .

Our reader writes us the following:

Subject: how do I get a loan with only the DNI


Dear friends of El Dinero Rápido , my name is Alexandra, I am writing to you from Valencia and I am writing to you with the hope that you will help me to solve all the doubts that have arisen to me when requesting a quick credit for the first time. only the DNI , because there are many aspects of this procedure that I do not know. There is always a first time for everything!

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I have visited different web pages, both informative, as belonging to financiers who offer this type of loans with only the ID or NIE if you are a foreigner, and the truth is that the existing offer is overwhelming for beginners like me, who do not have a lot of idea However, what worries me is that I have not been able to find specific information to clarify if, in my current situation, I meet the required profile to be able to access mini loans only DNI , exactly under the conditions that interest me.

How to get money and only with DNI

The fact is that, like the vast majority of profiles that go to this type of financial in search of fast money, I have been surprised by a sudden expense that I can not cope with my current income: I have been invited to the wedding of a close family member who I have a lot of love and I need urgent money , say a credit of approximately 400 euros , perhaps I will use a loan of 300 euros , to be able to both travel to the place of the event, like buying a dress and pay the covered, among other derived expenses.


I’ve been trying to cut back on my monthly income somewhere, but I see that I will not be able to cope with the expense, because I’m already quite fair to get to the end of the month, so the most appropriate solution that has occurred to me has been to resort to one of these mini-loans only DNI that, according to many opinions that I have read, can be obtained by Internet in a very simple way and then be returned comfortably.

However, in my current situation, since I am unemployed and I receive unemployment benefits, I do not know exactly if I meet the profile required to apply for one of these microcredits for the unemployed .

As I mentioned, I am charging unemployment, and I have exactly 7 months left to end the benefit, so in this aspect, when it comes to proving that I have monthly income, there would be no problem whatsoever.

I’m in ASNEF

In addition, I believe that I am in the ASNEF for a series of small defaults that I let go a few years ago, which I do not know if it will also be a problem when it comes to being able to contract a quick loan. Is there a financial institution to which you can apply for a loan with delinquency for a small amount, only with your ID?

Reviewing the requirements of different financial I have seen that some require both endorsement and payroll , two things that I lack, because as I mentioned above, I’m unemployed and receiving unemployment benefit, and I do not have any kind of endorsement .

The fact is that after searching a lot of information through the Internet I am a mess, there are many financial that offer very fast loans and that could offer me the money I need, but nevertheless to be able to value my application they demand a lot of documentation, as well as they do not accept profiles that have been included in delinquency lists (as I suspect it is my case).

My main interest is to speed up the process as much as possible, since it is quite urgent to get the 400 euros mentioned and be able to settle this issue as quickly as possible.

So, I would like to know if there is any financial associated with fast money that offers loans showing only the DNI , without the need for more documents. If you could advise me on how to get a loan with just the ID card (or the NIE), or how financial should appeal, I would be very grateful.

I am sure that as experts in this type of financial, you can give me a hand to find the best solution to this problem.

Thank you so much for your attention!

A greeting.

Our answer about getting a mini-credit only with the DNI or NIE

Today: loans without payroll or endorsement only DNI

Hi Alexandra,

First of all, thank you for writing and trusting us to solve your query about loans with the National Identity Document .

Money with the DNI or NIE

Below we offer you the information you required, which we hope will be helpful.

First of all, you tell us that you are unemployed, receiving a benefit that currently has seven months remaining.

This is not a problem to be able to access a quick loan, since in the great majority of this type of financial the only thing they will request from the client (and there are even some in which it is not necessary, although it is not usual) is that you can show that you have a series of monthly income , no matter where you come from , whether it’s a pension, a payroll or, as in your case, an unemployment benefit.

In the second place you also tell us that you have some outstanding debt, and you suspect that you may be inside the ASNEF lists. This would not be a serious problem for not being able to qualify for a loan, since there are different financial institutions that accept clients with outstanding defaults and offer microcredits with ASNEF .

We take this opportunity to remind you that you can also consider the option of requesting a credit or debit card , although at this time they are not (usually) granted with ASNEF.

Finally, you also ask us if it would be possible to request a microloan by presenting only the Identity Document (DNI or NIE) as documentation, for which we regret to say that, although in most financial institutions of this type, the documentation required is minimal , only the national identity document does not work .

One of the positive tricks that have made this type of credits a product so popular and simple to acquire, is precisely the little paperwork that is required to be able to request it, but within that minimum, the presentation of only a passport of DNI or NIE, it would not be enough.

For the time being, as minimum documentation that you will be asked to assess your profile at the time of requesting a credit, it is, apart from the national identity document, that you contribute an account number, a telephone number, plus a voucher that justifies that you are actually receiving a monthly unemployment benefit.

So, if you want to apply for a loan just with the ID card or the NIE , we can not give you any money to turn to, since they all require a minimum documentation to be presented by the client, although you can see that it is not a lot.

Tips for applying for loans only with ID

As we have informed Alexandra, the application for fast credits only with DNI today is impossible, given that they always ask you and require -as it is normal to think- many other informative papers. It is necessary to think that the entities that grant microcredits online , have to have more information about the user to whom they lend money than just a DNI.

However, in this world of minipréstamo you have to go a little further: no one gives money for nothing. From El Dinero Rápido we want to appeal to the responsibility and sanity of our users. For us, for the team of this web, the most important thing is the user’s satisfaction and for that reason we want to warn you that, as in many other worlds, in the world of the mini credit concession there may always be some “clever company”.

It is possible that if Alexandra, in this case, continued looking for companies that would grant her mini credits only with DNI , she would end up finding her. But at what price? There would be many ballots for that supposed company to be a scammer.

With this we do not want to scare you. We just want to ask you to inform yourself, that when you have several companies in your hands that grant you the quick mini credit that you are looking for, that you share them -we have several financial comparators so you can decide which one suits your situation more-, that you see what demands are asked of you, what requirements, etc. – Here you can see how none would be granted credits only with DNI .

Therefore, keep your head cool when you hire any quick mini credit . We know that with the current economic situation of the country, any unforeseen event can be the cause of a punctual financial need, which you do not have at that moment and you have to ask for help. And we also know that many of us can be in ASNEF for a thousand reasons, or be without payroll or without endorsement, but first of all, we can not allow our situation to get worse by hiring the first thing we find without informing us, comparing and investigating before the requirements that We are required, that nobody grants loans with DNI only.