Loans for the unemployed, where to get it

Loans for unemployed: can be obtained, but knowing what we contract Many people ask us about loans for the unemployed . Is it possible to get a loan if I am unemployed? The answer is yes, of course, but with nuances. If you are unemployed and need quick money , just as there are loans […]

Loans of money for your car (as collateral). Who grants them

Using my car as a guarantee, is this possible? Updated DECEMBER 2018 Using the car itself as a guarantee is possible. Today we are going to talk about how to get a credit, between € 500 and € 20,000, with your car as a guarantee. Needless to say, but just in case we say it, […]

Quick loans without payroll or endorsement -2018-

Get fast loans without payroll or endorsement is becoming a regular among Spanish consumers The application and the loan of small amounts that are returned in a short period of time and that can help you if you need quick money. Today, in The Quick Money , we tell you how to get cash without […]

How do I get a mini loan with only the DNI or NIE in Spain?

How to apply for a loan with only the DNI (National Identity Document) or NIE (Foreigner Identity Number) in Spain, is the query that has come to our email We have asked the author’s permission, so that he can let us publish his question about getting a credit with only the DNI , anonymously. The […]

3 basic precautions when hiring a quick credit

What precautions should I take before hiring a quick loan? We tell you The mini-loans can be very useful when it comes to getting Microcredits Fast , to face an unexpected situation or unexpected expenses, but before making use of this type of products you should take some preventive measures. In our article today we […]