Where I ask for a credit of 500 euros if I am in a Financial Association

Who do I ask for a € 500 credit if I am in Financial Association (and without an endorsement)? The interesting query of a reader, to which we respond in our article today.

Getting a loan of € 500 without endorsement and being in Financial Association (or similar files) is not always easy but, of course, it is not impossible. If like Carlos, you also need a micro credit, but you are in Association and / or you do not have a guarantee to present, keep reading, we will tell you where and how to solve this delicate situation. Advertising

This is the text of the email that Carlos has been so kind to send us. It exposes us the protagonist doubt of our article today:

Get 500 euros, figuring in Financial Association and without avail.

Some Quick Money financiers grant mini-loans without endorsement and with Financial Association.

Good afternoon,

My name is Carlos, and I am sending you this email with the hope that, like many other people, you can help me out. But above all I want first of all to congratulate you and thank you for taking into account my request for help. Now, I explain more thoroughly my case.

The fact is that I see that these days I will have many expenses despite living only with my partner, who currently has no work, due to the classic expenses involved in Christmas . And so that the January slope will not be too steep, I need extra money that at this moment I can not get at once. It is not too much, I would be worth with a credit 500 euros for the contribution to dinners, gifts and outings with family and friends, no special luxury.

“I have a salary but I am in Financial Association, will they give me € 500 without guarantor?”

For my part, I have a more or less stable job, with a payroll of 1,100 euros net , but the banks do not give me credit because I am in Financial Association for a pending invoice (it is not for a credit).

That is why I think that the solution for this emergency could be to find some company that grants private equity loans and I would like to know what alternatives there are to get a credit of five hundred euros with Financial Association, even if I have to pay a little more interest since, Although I do not have enough money, I could face the extra expense and thus have a mattress during these weeks. I have looked in several places where to ask for money online, but it is not clear to me which of the online financials give you a microloan without an endorsement, and whether they accept Financial Association or not. Hence my email, I would like you to explain to me where to process the fastest possible credit with these conditions that I have.

As it is the first time that I am going to request a financial service of this type, there are many doubts that arise about how to take the process, the documentation that I will need to provide, as well as if I am included in a delinquency file, I will be able to access an urgent loan in one of the many fast money financial institutions that exist today.

OUR RESPONSE: Yes, there are companies that grant loans of 500 euros (even more) lacking endorsement, even if you are in Financial Association.

Dear Carlos

Thanks to you for writing. It is because of the questions of the users that we are able to make this place a source of information for all people seeking advice, in something as important as getting a quick credit , in your case a loan with Financial Association and without endorsement of 500 euros

By comparing and informing you, you will gain in security, in time and, of course, in interests. Thank you for doing it with El Dinero Rápido , it will be a pleasure to answer your question.

In effect, there are financial companies that offer loans without endorsements and (in some cases) with Financial Association


That is, credits for people who appear in delinquency files, such as RAI or EXPERIAN or the Financial Association itself, among others. If you want to go straight to the point in our article MICROCREDITS Financial Association (CLICK TO GO) you can see which financial institutions could grant you this € 500 credit without endorsement, even if you are in Financial Association.

If you need € 500 urgent, we are talking about micro loans.

Depending on the amount requested, these credits can be mini loans, mortgage loans or quick loans. In your case, Carlos, as it is a loan of 500 euros without endorsement (and being in Financial Association) , we would find ourselves in the case of mini loans.

Mini credits are granted very quickly, even before 10 minutes , after a quick analysis of your application and the risks that the financial company is willing to take.

Regular requirements to request money with Financial Association and without endorsement.

Now, another different thing is the conditions of the different entities that offer personal loans with Financial Association . The essential to borrow money online, is to have Spain as a place of residence , be over 18 years (according to the financial, can be any more), have a bank account in your name (where you will get the money) and some means of contact, such as a mobile phone or an email address .

The interests, which generally hover between 18 – 30% on the amount we ask, so that of those 500 euros you ask, you might have to return a total of 650 euros in total , that is 150 euros only in interest (It is an example to give you an idea, the fees of the financial depend on each).


You can also evaluate the possibility of requesting quick loans without endorsement between individuals

Take advantage of the free credits option

A small parenthesis to add that, although it is true that they do not usually grant more than 300 euros, some entities offer, as a promotion loans where the first is free.

In this link you have a list of the financial companies that currently offer free loans , an option to take into account when it comes to a product that may be so expensive, but that can not always be obtained while in Financial Association, although without having endorsement

The deadline to return it is usually just over 30 days , although in some cases it can be extended several weeks, also increasing interest. This is another thing that fluctuates depending on the entity and especially how much money is requested. Of course, you need to be sure that you can return the loan at that time, because as interest is delayed, it will go up a lot, so that it can become almost 100% of the value of the loan, that is, to pay in full double what we ordered.

I need a credit of 4000 euros in installments – solved –

Are you looking for a credit of 4,000 euros in installments? You have found the page you need

Then we offer you the query of a user who asks us where we can request credits of € 4000 in installments . If this is also your case, read on

Where to apply for long term credits of 4000 euros?

We started by responding to our user’s query with the main platforms where we can request long-term credits of 4000 euros.

Younited Credit

Younited Credit (does not accept ASNEF)

  • It offers you: loans up to 40,000 euros
  • Refund: in terms of up to 72 months
  • Do you accept ASNEF or RAI ?: no

And long-term loans of € 4,000 with ASNEF or RAI?

As our user does not specify if he is in ASNEF, we also contemplate this option through the service offered by Monedo and where we can also get long term loans of four thousand euros.

I need 4000 euros in installments but I want to know what amount I will pay per month

As we have already seen above, our user Antonio writes us the following query: “I need four thousand euros to pay in installments”.

If this is also your case, you will have seen how through the options we have proposed: Younited Credit and Monedo , you will be able to get this amount of money to be returned little by little. However, you may also be wondering what the amount of these terms will be, an issue that will be discussed next.

As credit platforms, the two we propose here differ from their competitors because they offer loans for amounts that exceed the industry average.

That is why when considering the return process of your loan service, we also find a differentiating feature: the possibility of paying in installments our credit of 4000 euros postponed .

Therefore, if we want to know the monthly amount that we will have to pay to return our credit month after month, we must know that both platforms allow us the possibility of customizing the installments to fit our budget.

In this way, we can not offer exactly the amount of our loan to be repaid in the long term because it depends both on the amount of money that we are going to request, and the total number of months we want to repay. this.

However, we see how both platforms offer us great possibilities when it comes to customize our credit terms instantly and pay it off little by little.

Therefore, when we consider that we need a loan of € 4000 in installments these two entities become the most suitable for us.

Online loans with ASNEF instantly

Get online loans with ASNEF instantly, today it is possible

Nowadays, getting online loans with ASNEF instantly is a reality. We tell you who gives them. Advertising

Without giving a lot of thought, because you could talk a lot about fast microcredit, the idea is that the new financial companies that have established themselves on the Internet and that grant loans with ASNEF, are more and more.

Online loans with ASNEF instantly

Article A Zaimo and Cashper are joining more and more private financial companies and their clients do not hide their satisfaction, since they are people they had crossed out, say in an official way, as defaulters , many times unfairly. With the crisis, more and more citizens are included in files such as ASNEF, even by a mobile phone bill, or any “minutiae” that would not deserve such a radical treatment (we do not think that a small debt is sufficient reason to dismiss as delinquent nobody, more with the times that they run). Advertising

The online lending institutions , called ” Quick Money “, take this market on the Internet as their own and, with this new policy of trusting the client, they show that you can still look at the endorsement of a person, beyond lists and various directories . This way of acting, with few embarrassing questions and giving an answer as quickly and favorably as possible, makes the consumer return that vote of confidence, as the mini-credit sector is instantly new in the world of the Internet and one way Great to get money fast.

We recommend that you take a look at the online loans with ASNEF instantly, that we show you in the quick credits post (click on the link to go) and choose the one that best suits your personal circumstances.

Comparing you will save time and money, knowing that you are choosing the best online loan.

Where to get loans without a credit card – [RESOLVE]

Loans without a card are made effective through a direct transfer to our checking account, without intermediaries

If you are looking for information about credits and loans without a card: you have come to the right place . In this text we will collect the main entities that offer you credit services that will be paid directly into your checking account, through bank transfer.

Where can I apply for loans without a credit card?

Below we collect a list of the main entities that today offer you loans without a credit card . Keep reading and find the one that best suits your needs.



Click here to go to the Creditea tab

Creditea offers you loans without a credit card between € 500 and € 5,000 with repayment in personalized monthly installments of up to 36 months . Accepts ASNEF and RAI .

⇨ When our credit application is accepted by Creditea, the amount requested in our bank account will be paid.



Click to go to the Wonga tab

We continue with Wonga a platform that offers financing between 50 and 600 euros (with a limit of € 300 in our 1st application) . Wonga has refund terms of up to 60 days and does not accept ASNEF .

⇨ After accepting our loan application without a card , Wonga will take approximately 15 minutes to make a transfer to our bank.

Ferratum Money

Ferratum Money Logo

Click to go to the Ferratum Money tab

Finally we find Ferratum Money , a platform where through its Flexible Credit we can get up to 1,000 euros with the first withdrawal up to 500 € free (commissions 0%). The refund varies according to what we need: We can make the refund in a single payment or in installments. They do not accept applications with ASNEF and RAI.

⇨ Once our loan application at Ferratum is accepted, we can have the money in our bank account in an interval of 10 to 15 minutes.

This is a complete selection of entities in which we can access credit without credit card quickly and easily, receiving the amount requested in our credit in the form of direct income in our checking account.

Content index

  • 1 Loans without a card are made effective through a direct transfer to our checking account, without intermediaries
  • 2 Where can I apply for loans without a credit card?
  • 3 What are fast credits without a card?
    • 3.1 And if I’m in ASNEF or RAI
  • 4 Advantages of quick loans without credit cards
  • 5 How to request money without a credit card?
    • 5.1 How much money do they give me and how much time do I have?

What are fast credits without a card?

Qué son los créditos rápidos sin tarjeta

Now that we have been able to know which are the main entities in which we can apply for quick credits without a card, we will see exactly what this financing service consists of.

When we refer to loans that can be requested without requiring credit or debit cards , we are talking about financing that is made effective through our personal checking account in the form of income.

For example, if we request a loan without a 300 euro card in any of the entities mentioned above, we will find that, once our data is contrasted according to the requirements of the entity and our request is accepted, the income of the Money requested will be made directly through the current account that we have provided in the application form, in the form of a bank transfer.

It is for this reason that we call this service under the name of fast credit without a card , given that we receive the entire amount requested through bank transfer, without intermediaries or credit cards.

And if I’m in ASNEF or RAI

If you are included in any delinquency file, we invite you to visit the selection we have prepared for you of microcredits that accept ASNEF

You can choose between the entities that fit your current situation, in this case they are without looking at ASNEF

In case you do not know if you are in ASNEF, we have you know for free in the post Know if I am in ASNEF

Advantages of quick loans without credit cards

One of the main advantages offered by fast loans without a credit card is the immediacy with which we can receive the transfer in our bank account.

As a general rule, entities specializing in on-line loans through the Internet have coverage for the vast majority of banks that operate in national territory and, therefore, if the transfers are made within the accounts housed in the same bank, these are reflected in a matter of minutes.

However, it is possible that the financial institution that we have chosen to request our loan does not work with our bank and has to perform this operation from an account hosted in another bank.

In this case the transfer of the amount of our quick loan without a credit card could take a variable interval of 48 to 72 hours . It is for this reason that if we urgently need money, we recommend first contacting the entity to see the immediacy with which the transfer will be effective.

Imagine an example in which we want to request a loan of 300 euros to fix an emergency breakdown at home. In this case the possibility of getting the money from our credit directly into our bank account in just a few minutes becomes an important advantage, since we will have it at our disposal at the moment to invest in what we need.

Another advantage that we find in the quick loans without credit cards is the convenience of receiving a direct transfer in our current account , without visiting any office and without leaving home: everything is managed through the Internet.

The convenience when managing the whole process is one of the star characteristics offered by the entities specialized in online loans. However, in the case of credits that are obtained without a card, it becomes a property that becomes even more important since we do not have to resort to any other intermediary (such as an ATM to obtain the loan through a card). ) to dispose of the money quickly.


How to request money without a credit card?

Finally, we will see how we can request money without a credit card , so that those of our users who are going to hire this service for the first time, can know step by step everything they will find.

To start with our funding request we have to access the web platform of the entity we have chosen.

This selection will be made according to the characteristics offered by the financial institution, in order to process our application in the one that best suits our requirements as an applicant.

Once we have clear which is the entity that best suits our needs to get money without a credit card , we will have to access your website.

How much money do they give me and how much time do I have?

In the websites of the entities we will find a credit simulation tool, in which we will have to introduce two different variables : one corresponding to the amount of money we want to request , for example 400 euros or a loan of 1000 euros , and another corresponding to the total number of days (or longer periods), for example, 12 months , if the entity allows payment in several installments , which we need to repay the loan. In general, especially if it is the first loan that we ask a particular financier, the maximum that they usually grant is 300 euros, although not all.

When we have entered these two data, we will see how a simulation of the total cost of our loan will automatically be calculated, allowing us to see the total interest of the operation . Thus, we can quickly see an approximation to the cost of our credit and the total amount of money that we have to return, once the period of days or months requested has elapsed.

The next step to continue with our credit application without a card will be to fill out an online form in which we will have to provide a series of basic personal data. These are necessary so that the financial institution to which we are going to send our loan application can verify our identity and that we fulfill all the necessary requirements.

The data that we have to provide are:

  1. Full name
  2. DNI or NIE
  3. Contact phone number
  4. Email address
  5. Bank account number
  6. Employment situation. Included if you are self-employed
  7. Proof of monthly income

As we can see, these are very basic and simple data that we can fill out quickly. Although, on the other hand, you can see that it is not true that they can only get with the DNI, that some advertisements on the internet show, as we told you in our post about credits only DNI

When we have finished with this form we will simply have to wait for the finance company to check all the data sent. The wait will not take more than a few minutes, so we will soon receive a response from the entity informing us about whether our request has been accepted.

Finally, in the event that our loan without a credit card has been accepted , we will receive the money directly into our checking account.

I’m looking for private equity loans without property – RESTORE-

We have realized in recent months, that processing private equity loans without property , is a question that is raised very often on our website. Therefore, to get up to date and get you as informed as possible in all aspects of this world, today we are going to tell you how to get a small credit of private money , without endorsements and with the possibility of even getting personal loans with ASNEF.


In the section ” Quick Credits ” you have all the information about the loans offered by the different private equity companies

Choose my credit without property

Content index

  • 1 Private equity loans without endorsements, so for good?
  • 2 Private capital without property
  • 3 Private money with ASNEF, does this option exist?
  • 4 Private loans without collateral and without interest, the most sought-after offer
  • 5 How much money can I request if I do it online? (without guarantor)
  • 6 Quick loans with ASNEF without ownership (clarifying doubts)
  • 7 Responsibility for applying for quick loans without payroll and property

Private capital loans without endorsements, so for good?

To begin with and not confuse the reader, we must point out that, in one way or another, when private loans are requested, we must justify certain solvency to the entities. As if, for example, we are going to request a personal loan from BBVA, Banco Santander or any other entity, especially if we do it without any property or guarantee .

The question, therefore, focuses on what type of financial or banking entities are those that ask for endorsement and those that do not. Also, if we go deeper into our “personal demands”, we should also make a discard about who accepts that we are in a file, like ASNEF, and who does not.

And there begins the interesting thing about this:

The possibility of obtaining quick loans with ASNEF , without having to present an endorsement, is a real fact nowadays. And if we get fussy, we could say that it is a requirement of the most normal, and is that loans with ASNEF and without property are one of the most common types of applications currently given the lack of endorsements and inclusion in lists of defaults of a large part of society. And it is not that this is the best: an unemployment benefit (to put a case), it helps us to apply for private credit. That is to say, that the guarantee to enter a money monthly (such as unemployment), becomes a “pro” in your favor at the time of requesting this money.

And is that, if you have a regular income (from our salary, a benefit, pension, etc.) is a sufficient requirement for lending companies without endorsement . Similarly, people who work on their own, have the option to opt for loans for freelancers without endorsement .

The majority of financiers are enough and they are left with these requirements to know that you can return the money that is requested. Other conditions to apply for these private loans without property are, in general:

  • Be a resident in Spain
  • Have a minimum age (depending on the financial age, they can be 18, 21 or 23 years old)
  • They also usually mark a maximum age, which can reach 70 years or, as the case may be, overcome it

These cases (that accept ASNEF) are applicable to quick credits, but not to credit cards .

Private loans without endorsement, we help you find yours

So, it is true that in many cases the fast money financiers will not demand an endorsement, but rather a payroll or an unemployment benefit, subsidies, etc. Qualities that are light years away from traditional banking, as far as customer offer is concerned. And, with classical banking, we will find enormous difficulties (if it is not impossible at all) get fast money , if we start with the premises without payroll or endorsement .
And do not think that the advantages of applying for a private equity loan without a guarantee provided you have some source of income, end here. Well, these new companies, money concessionaires, allow you to obtain it with the benefit that there are usually not many questions .

This loan product starts from a much more flexible vision, regarding the conditioning factors, when managing financial credits . Although this same flexibility, it also gives it a special character, “out of the ordinary”, which always makes a service more expensive. That’s why, from El Dinero Rápido, we want you to benefit by comparing. Not all online microloans are the same, of course not. Compare with us and choose the best credit according to your circumstances, without losing time or money.

Private capital without property

Of course, it is difficult to get hold of private capital without any property that we can use as collateral. This does not mean that it is impossible, but of course all that glitters is not gold. If we intend to get a loan without providing any property, this can not be for a very significant amount. In any case, in principle yes that we can request a small amount, generally of the order of 1000 euros , perhaps more.

Private money with ASNEF, does this option exist?

Of course it exists. Getting private money with RAI, or with ASNEF , is one of those differences we are talking about.

It is a fact that the economic crisis has shaken our society and the solvency of citizens. This, inevitably, has brought a consequence: that being in a file of defaulters in Spain is the most usual, unfortunately. It is not necessary to comment that the inclusion in this type of lists made it much harder to get private guarantors , or someone who grants us financing. But with the financial update to the current situation in the country, this has changed. Today there are already many entities that ignore this obstacle of being in ASNEF. Moreover, to curl the loop, it is possible to grant credits with ASNEF without ownership , as we mentioned earlier in the post. Something very interesting is that we can do with credits in 24 hours and, in many cases, even in much less time.

If you are interested in this option, do not miss our section dedicated to financials that allow you to be included in delinquency files, where you can choose a microcredit with ASNEF (click to go) perfect for you.

Private loans without guarantee and without interest, the most sought-after offer

Currently, the world of financial loans offers options that can not be ignored. Like the free loans that some private money entities offer to their clients when it is the first mini-credit that they request.

There are few entities, sometimes only one of them can maintain the offer, depending on what time of year we are (due to the calendar of promotions that each credit institution handles). But it is very rare that there is not one at least. You can catch up, about private money entities that grant credits, the first free .

How much money can I request if I do it online? (without guarantor)

We must remember that we are talking about micro loans, so the capital granted is usually not very high. To give you an idea, the average of this financial product is around 300 euros, although you can request a credit of 1000 euros or even more, without endorsement.

To request money online, for amounts higher than the one named, and depends too much on the entity to which you address, such as if you hire a physical office. It is quite logical to think that, as we increase the amount to be requested, the closer we get to figures that are hard to come by without a guarantor, a property, etc.

At El Dinero Rápido we specialize in informing you about online microcredits, so those you will find on our website are, almost all, without the need for paperwork, endorsements and without too many demands or questions. That is why you will not see offers in loans for more serious capital, in which, obviously, it will be much easier to ask for a guarantee.

Quick loans with ASNEF without property (clarifying doubts)

We would like to clarify more the concept that arises from this question so frequent in our email, and is that the issue of fast micro-credits with ASNEF brings a lot of tail nowadays.

Is it possible to get fast loans with ASNEF without property ?

And it is that from eldinerorapido.es we want to deal with this topic in depth, given its repercussion on the internet and, as we have commented at the beginning of the post, the general interest that users of this web have with this particular topic. Therefore, we want to prepare this article as complete as possible, to clarify any doubts that may arise, since some terms may lead to confusion.

When we talk about credits “without endorsement”, we do not only refer to getting private credits without a person endorsing you, but rather that it is not necessary to put property as collateral , such as our house .

This is a very logical characteristic in low-value micro-credit, because financial institutions know very well that they could never demand ownership for a small debt of, for example, a credit of 300 euros . This is something completely obvious, but so many definitions of this product, “without guarantees”, “without property”, “without guarantees”, etc., can lead to confusion.

Therefore, if this is our case, we will be interested to know that yes: today it is perfectly possible to apply for quick credits with ASNEF without property , that is, that despite being included in a list of economic delinquency, we can access the concession of a credit without the need to present any type of guarantee for said operation.

And, the private equity entities specialized in online loans know exactly what their clients need, and have been able to adapt to social changes to offer a service in which we can get private money through a simple operation, which does not require or complete an endless paperwork, or carefully read extensive contracts and, of course, no guarantee or property is required.
Therefore, it can be said openly that with these peculiar characteristics, we can manage the entire operation from home through the internet, in just a few minutes.

As we have mentioned on more than one occasion throughout this article, private equity entities offer a very different proposal to the one we are used to find in our banks or financial institutions “of always”, where it would be quite complicated get a loan if our credit history was linked to delinquency lists and, in addition, we did not have properties with which to guarantee this loan.

Therefore, when we are in this situation and we think ” I need money “, the fast credit entities are a timely solution that can be very useful, given the advantage it offers us of not having to put our home as collateral .

Responsibility for applying for quick loans without payroll and property

We have been asking slightly throughout the post, but we want to clarify more and deepen this issue, because the request for, for example, personal loans with ASNEF and without housing is no nonsense.

It is true, as we have informed you, that the private lenders have advanced a lot with respect to the social-economic situation of the country, but this does not mean that citizens who are in the situation of hiring any type of loan must be cautious and prudent

First of all, you should think that the more requirements you demand when asking for this money, like the credits being in ASNEF without property , it will mean that you will be more expensive than others that are more “simple”.

To begin with, we are going to give you some small tips that may seem silly, but they are very useful and, in the long run, you will appreciate having followed them because you will have avoided experiencing many problems:

  1. Investigate: you should always have in your hands all the necessary information about all the financial entities that can grant you the desired loans
  2. Read the fine print: be thorough with the terms and conditions that you must meet with the lender. Rate if you can accept them correctly and especially if you can meet the deadline
  3. Compare: you must assess which of all the options you have on the table is the best for you. Many times, even if it’s a little more expensive, you have terms or terms that adapt better to your economic solvency
  4. Decide: as we have told you, you have to weigh up. Think that the credits that have several requirements on the part of the user, like the loans with ASNEF without mortgage guarantee , are less economic than the simple ones, and therefore you have to value personally what you need, what they offer you and with what you can compromise

Quick personal loans

Getting quick personal loans is very simple if you know how.

These credits that are granted in a personal capacity, also known as instant mini credits or personal online loans, are the latest fashion among Spanish consumers.

You can request a personal loan online or do it in person. You choose.

If the other day we talked about how to get a fast money mini credit with ASNEF, showing that yes there are companies dedicated to the world of online loans that do not see an obstacle in the granting of quick personal loans just by being in ASNEF or RAI, today we will talk about quick personal loans in other situations. In the same way that a short time ago we told you how to get online credits without payroll or endorsement , a situation that is often accompanied by being in delinquency lists. Advertising

You already know that you can check the different offers in online credits by following this link, which will take you to the corresponding section on our website. There you can compare mini loans and choose yours.

Who has not had a punctual problem of money and has been in the situation of having to ask for a loan? Surely very few people. We are talking about conventional loans, those of “all life”. Maybe in the form of a mortgage or as a simple loan that we ask the bank. In the same bag would be the financing of the family car or those vacations that were so needed. There was a time when it was relatively easy to get them. That today is something more difficult, many know it well. Even if what you want is a small personal loan, it is difficult to obtain it from traditional banking. The havoc caused by the crisis has ended up bringing many Spaniards and Spaniards to lists of defaulters. The only way to get a quick cash was to ask a friend or a relative, with the consequent explanations and the shadow of the enmity stalking, for a problem of default. Friends and money… you know. Advertising

Personal online loans have facilitated access to financing

Today, with personal loans online, the ease of solving an economic problem that comes to us at a certain time is much greater. Obviously it will not come out cheap , the interests can be very strong, but on the other hand they can also be obtained even without having to pay them . That is why it is so important to be well informed about what conditions we must comply with each of the credit houses and what prize we will receive, if there is one, in exchange for paying on time.

Visit our loan panel and choose the one that best suits your needs. There are several fast personal loan entities and each one is different from the previous one.

So, if you had the question of whether you could apply for cash online, we can tell you that it is very possible that you meet the requirements to obtain it. And if what you are interested in is asking for it in your locality, to be able to deal with the manager in the first person, you can visit the section of “Fast Money Companies in your locality”, where you will find these professionals in areas such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Canary Islands, Andalusia, Extremadura or Bilbao. Do not hesitate to consult them, they work every day to satisfy your requests. Of course, as for personal loans online, read the conditions carefully on the website of the manager you are consulting, it is very important in order to avoid future surprises. For the rest, it is a credit like any other, with its demands depending on the entity that processes them, as always.

Where to get online loans on the spot? – RESOLVED –

Online credits in the act. What they are and where to apply for them.

It is increasingly common that in the consultations you make us, online loans are one of the common factors that abound in our inbox. For this reason, and if you are interested in this question, keep reading because we will inform you of its requirements and characteristics . Advertising

I need a loan on the spot with ASNEF

Next, we are going to show you one of the doubts that we have received to the mail, that a user has sent us -to whom we have changed personal data for respect and privacy.

Consulta de usuario

Hello good day. My name is Pablo and I’m from Toledo. I get in touch with you because I’m a little lost in this request online mini-credits on the spot . It is the first time that I see myself in the situation of having to resort to them and it is for the following reason.

I have been spending a lot of time because my family and I have moved out of the house and we are renovating the new house. That is, we are having many expenses in furniture and appliances. The fact is that right now we would need an extra of about € 300 , would need, as they say, a small incentive in the form of money on the spot, to continue to reform the house and be able to live comfortably.

However, from what I have been able to read so far, the fact of being in ASNEF can have a considerable impact when requesting the so-called microcredits with ASNEF . Although from what I have read on your website, it should not be a reason for you to back out a credit request , right?

As you can see I am quite lost, and I do not know where to go to request this type of loans. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it.


Get your loan online on the spot in the simplest and fastest way

Dear Pablo, to start we want to thank you for trusting in eldinerorapido.es to solve such important questions for something so personal, such as forming a home. But first of all we want to tell you something very important and concise: everything you are asking us is possible, although it depends of course on the credit profile of each one.

Currently it is possible to apply for a loan while at ASNEF . In this answer we are going to update you, and we advise you on those financial ones that grant this that you are asking us and even more things, like getting loans in the act without endorsement .

Click on the image to see credits that accept ASNEF

to see what are some of these loan entities.

Financieras that grant credits in the online act with ASNEF

Dinero en el acto comparador

Next, we are going to list those entities that grant money on the spot even though we are included in delinquency files such as ASNEF or RAI. It also specifies which of them grant these quick loans without endorsement.

In general, the companies that we are going to introduce next enter the money to the users in approximately 15 minutes . It is possible that, depending on the banking entities to which we belong, or the days in which we request the money (whether working or not), it may be delayed until 48 hours, but the normal thing is to get the money practically at the moment.

          1. Solcredito : is another of the most popular options in the world of online credits on the spot. Your offer allows you to request from € 50 to € 1,000 . And if in addition, you had already requested money with them, they will expand the maximum limit to 3,000. However, if it’s your first time with them, you can benefit from another of their “first free loan” offer, that is, you would not pay commissions. Grant your loans even if you are in ASNEF and do not have an endorsement.


          1. Creditsor : is an entity known for its speed . It grants credits with ASNEF of up to € 300 and does not require you to submit an endorsement.


          1. Creditea : is another of the financial entities that grant economic loans while in ASNEF or RAI, for amounts between 500 and 5,000 € . In addition, it has the added ability to finance it for up to 36 months.


          1. Cashper : is one of the oldest companies. Also, they are very quick in responding to inquiries about the loans. They grant up to € 500 The prices are very competitive and, of course, they accept RAI and ASNEF.


          1. Credy: the last of the list, but not men you important. Credy grants loans from 50 to 750 € regardless of the inclusion of the customer in delinquency files such as RAI or ASNEF. In addition, it is not necessary to present an endorsement for the concession of the same and the process for obtaining it is very simple and without paperwork.

Online loans on the spot or quick online credits, a great step forward

Fast online loans have been gaining strength and importance for several years , specifically since the economic crisis that struck Spain led to the banks, our main lenders, put us many obstacles to request money, especially if we intend to have him in the act.

And it is that, one of the great reasons that caused this situation was the inclusion of a large number of people in delinquency files, such as ASNEF . Hence the success of online entities that, now, transact personal loans with ASNEF , a when it is still relatively difficult to grant amounts greater than 1000 euros

That is why, online financials such as those that we present in today’s comparison, make obtaining fast mini loans a very simple action . Obviously these credit companies have their rules and requirements (and price …), but they made it possible for many people who were affected by any default (many times, for banal problems such as telephone companies), could access, on the spot, these new mini-credits.

Loans in 24 hours without endorsement and without paperwork

Loans in 24 hours without endorsement, how they work

24 hours may seem like very little time when it comes to getting a loan. However, financial companies with quick credits tend to offer their customers a higher speed, than the aforementioned twenty-four hours . Advertising

This is more accurate when it comes to small amounts of money, which are usually not more than 300 euros and can be effective in less than 10 or 15 minutes . But when we talk about credits for higher amounts, for example a loan from 1000 euros , (and up to 6000), you may not get the income as quickly as with low amounts, but rarely exceed 1 day of processing.

Can I request a thousand euros in a loan in 24 hours without endorsement?

At first, yes, because despite the fact that within the financial associated with Fast Money we find many with limitations for the first customers, as they do not allow to make credit requests over 300 euros. There are also financial companies that offer us micro loans for larger amounts, with a fairly similar operation.

One of the great attractions of the loans in the act lies precisely in the speed in managing the operation and depositing the money in our current account, management that can be closed in less than fifteen minutes, leaving the money requested and ready for invest in what we need.

Urgent loans in 24 hours, okay, what if I need a loan of 6000 euros without an endorsement, too?

In the case of a loan of 6000 without guarantee , or higher, the wait is a little higher than with smaller amounts, with the average being 1 day. Hence, they know with the tagline ” loans in 24 hours .”

When it comes to amounts greater than those six thousand euros , the management of the loan usually works less smoothly, and generally we will have the money at our disposal in something more than 24 hours after our request. This you will have to value yourself, depending on the urgency you have. .

This is the only difference that we are going to find with loans of larger amounts, since in everything else online financials work in the same way as for loans for small amounts: everything is managed telematically, without paperwork, without explanations and without endorsement.

Entities that grant money in 24 hours without paperwork

There are entities that offer mini-loans only DNI for amounts over 1,000 euros in 24 hours, among which we find the Cofidis Direct Credit and the prestigious Monedo .

First of all we have Cofidis , who offers us money in 24 hours, with hardly any paperwork, for amounts ranging from 500 to 4000 euros . With fully customizable return periods, without endorsement and with the peace of mind that your 25 years of experience in the sector provide.

The only point that can stop us, when asking for money from the Cofidis entity, is that they do not offer microcredit with ASNEF. So, if we have debts and are part of delinquency files, we would have to opt for the following financial to get a credit in 24 hours: Currency.

Monedo is another financial institution specialized in quick loans, which offers loans with ASNEF for amounts ranging between 750 and 5000 euros. They are obtained without endorsement and with monthly payments (for the return of money), which start with a minimum of 25 euros, thanks to their personalized study, which is adapted to each individual applicant.

How to request urgent personal loans in 24 hours in a responsible manner. Even loans of 6000 euros without endorsement

How we have told throughout the post, fast loans without paperwork is one of the most popular demands in the financial sector given its speed in the granting of large monetary amounts, such as loans of 6000 euros .
This factor, this fact, is possible today thanks to the advances made by credit institutions to adapt to today’s society. A society marked, in many cases and even today, by an economic crisis that has harmed many people.
Minicréditos without paperwork , as we explained before, refer to small amounts of money that can be granted and charged almost immediately with some financial companies. But in addition, as we inform, the fast credits in 24 hours , of greater amount, are a materialized fact.
Among the questions that you send to our personal email, with personal doubts, there are two that predominate with enough advantage over others ” I need urgent money without endorsement ” and ” I need money in 24 hours “. We have both answered extensively throughout this post, with the plus of how to get such quick loans without paperwork .
However, the rush and the non-revision of all the terms when hiring a quick loan without paperwork can lead you in the long run to have some headaches. Therefore, the Quick Money team wants to give you a few simple steps to take into account before you finalize (even before you start) any request for quick money without paperwork (or mini-credits or loans in general).

Steps to consider before hiring loans without paperwork

Below we will detail three simple steps for you to take into account before you formalize any fast personal loan contract without paperwork .

  • Investigate : the first step is very simple but the most important. You must search in each web, in each comparator, in any place, all those credits without paperwork that adapt to what you need at that moment. Whether loans in less than 24 hours , large amounts, etc.
  • Compare : once you have all those offers that suit your needs, you should weigh which are the best for you. Check which are cheaper, which have the best return period, if you need an extra requirement such as being in ASNEF or that you do not have an endorsement, etc.
  • Decide : maybe because it’s the last step it seems the simplest, but nothing of the sort. It is also a key step, since here you must ask yourself if you have correctly searched for all the offers that were available, if you have been left to look for more online loans without paperwork , if you meet the requirements that are required from the financial. And, above all, if you meet the deadline for return that they impose on you, because this can lead to more consequences than you expect. If so, if you have looked at everything and checked each step, FORWARD.

Where do you get personal loans with ASNEF and payroll?

Where to get a loan with payroll and ASNEF

Raúl asks us, from Madrid, where to get personal loans with ASNEF and payroll. It seems a very good question and will be the star of our article today, we will talk about where to apply for a personal loan , if you are in ASNEF or RAI and, on the other hand, you have in your favor that you have payroll . Advertising

Updated DECEMBER 2018
This we show you, is the email that Raul sent us (the user’s name has been changed, for privacy):

Subject: personal loans taking payroll and being in ASNEF


I wanted to ask you where I find loans with ASNEF and payroll . I tell you my case, to see if you can help me:

My name is Raúl and I work as a salesman at a footwear distribution company in Madrid . At the moment I have, for 3 and a half months, a contract for 40 hours per week, of 2 years, extendable. I charge a fixed 850 euros, plus commissions, which are usually between 400 euros and 500 euros, which come in the payroll.

Click on the image to see financiers granting loans with ASNEF

The fact is that I need 3000 euros to reform my house and I have found that the bank tells me that they can not leave it to me, since I figure in the ASNEF delinquency file (I have a debt of € 890 written in that file, with which I do not agree, since that is not what I should have to pay for).

As work is going well and it seems that things are arranged at home, as far as money is concerned, I thought about not throwing in the towel and try to find more. In this way I have found your website, The Quick Money , and I have encouraged to send you this email, to ask how I get a personal loan with ASNEF if I have a payroll .

I do not have a guarantee either

I’m also without a guarantor . The truth is that I do not know very well who to ask, because in these times people are not to endorse anyone, in general, as you already know.

Thank you and I await your response.

Raul, Sevilla

Our answer: get loans with ASNEF or RAI when you have payroll

Dear Raúl,

Thank you very much for contacting us and giving us your confidence at the time of informing you about requesting money online , through online credits, in your case having a payroll, but being in ASNEF . Prestigious financiers, as in the case of CREDITEA , grant personal loans with ASNEF and payroll , distancing themselves from the norm that until now was heard in every bank branch: “if you are in a delinquency file, we can not grant you the loan”.

To answer your question, we suggest you visit our post on loans with ASNEF (click on the link to go) .

In it you can find several private online financial, which grant loans, also to customers who are in listings or files of delinquency , which not only exists ASNEF, can also be others, such as RAI.

In principle, getting fast money when one is without a guarantee is complicated, but not impossible. Of course, it will depend on the financial one with which you decide to formalize the personal loan, since no client is equal to another. We all have some advantages on our part and other disadvantages, as it can be in your case to be in ASNEF and without endorsement, but with work and payroll. In any case, given the flexibility of this type of online microcredit, personal loans are granted with ASNEF and payroll even if unemployed, if a benefit or subsidy is charged. They have a bad part that is their high price, but it is also true that they give money when others do not receive you, which is the most normal when we seek funding with ASNEF . One has to weigh to what extent it is acceptable to request a personal loan online.

Credits with ASNEF online, there are also free

As always, we remind you and other users that before choosing credits with ASNEF (or otherwise) is very advisable, first of all, read the post on free credits (promotion of certain financial, for the first loan that they grant to their clients, although not all of them are granted with ASNEF and payroll ).

Search among our selection which one is closest to what you need, depending on your interest. For what you tell us in your kind email, the credits of Creditea may be the ones that best suit you, since you are looking for a relatively high amount, such as 3000 euros. Generally minicréditos with ASNEF and payroll are usually not granted for more than 1000 euros , although there are certain entities that do reach that amount, one of them (which also studies applications with ASNEF ), as we discussed, is Creditea.

Always remember that you have to read the particular conditions, even if they are prestigious financial, as when you sign any other type of contract, mortgage, etc.

Thank you again for your inquiry about where to get personal loans with ASNEF and payroll , Raúl, we hope we have helped you and, any doubt, you know where you have us.

Customer service

The Quick Money

And to the friends that you read to us, that maybe you are in the same circumstance as Raúl, we also hope that you benefit from today’s article, since comparing is how you save money and time.

Teach me quick credits.

Financial personal loans with ASNEF online

We have already seen that what our user communicates to us through his email is that he needs to have access to a personal loan service with ASNEF without endorsement .

Throughout the previous paragraphs we have recommended our user to get a personal credit with ASNEF can choose the Creditea financial but, of course, this is not the only option you will find available to access this type of service. Given that, although not all entities offer loans with ASNEF , there are several options that according to our characteristics as a loan applicant can be very interesting.

These are financial companies such as Solcrédito and Creditsor , each of which prestigious entities offer clients who can not get credit through conventional banks, access to small amounts of money in their personal loans with ASNEF online.

Therefore, taking into account that when it comes to getting a mini credit with RAI or ASNEF we have several financial options to choose from, which we recommend – both to the user who sent us an email and to all our readers – is that they look for information and compare between different entities before making a decision. For this, we can visit our entry on mini-loans with ASNEF , where we will be able to find all the information we need to know.

This is because despite the fact that the vast majority of financial institutions that offer credit services with ASNEF online work very similarly, with commissions that vary very little from one entity to another, there are important differences that can lead us to choose one financial over another, since for example, we can find entities that have limitations in the debt to accept our credit application. That is, in a practical case we can not have debts in ASNEF or RAI for more than 900 euros, or otherwise the debt that we have pending payment in ASNEF can not have been contracted with another financial institution, for example.

Hence, from The Quick Money we invite you to look in depth each and every one of the characteristics of personal loan entities with ASNEF before sending an application and formalize the credit agreement, because the better we know the conditions it offers us the financial institution that we have chosen, the most agile and simple will be the entire management.

As we have seen, requesting a quick loan with ASNEF online is a really simple process, which we can manage in just a few minutes from the comfort of our home, and without having to read long contracts and fill in endless paperwork. However, to apply for loans with ASNEF is a quick and simple process, it does not mean that we should make the mistake of abusing the microloans by making them a usual way to get money or to pay back debts because, in this way, if we do not a good planning we could get to put our economic situation in an even more complicated position, given that we can not forget that the fast loans with ASNEF and without guarantee include high interests that we must also return in the term agreed with the financial, at the time to settle the debt contracted.

It is for this reason that we must always bet on a responsible consumption of personal loans , making a good prior planning before requesting the service, with the assurance that after the completion period, we will be able to arrange the loan money plus the interest added to be able to return the total amount of the credit.

In conclusion, if we follow the two recommendations about which we have spoken to you throughout these paragraphs, compare financial loans that offer loans with ASNEF and bet for responsible consumption), we are sure that our credit application process it will not generate any type of problem, and it will allow us to find the best micro-loan quickly to our measure, which we can invest in what we need.

Mini credits with ASNEF and payroll

It may happen that, like our user, we need quick money without endorsement because we are in a similar situation and we want to have access to quick mini-credits with payroll and ASNEF .

If getting a loan with payroll and ASNEF is a simple and agile process that we can find available in a good variety of financial institutions, the process is even simpler when we have payroll, since we have high chances that our credit application will be accepted , given that our payroll will act as a guarantee of payment, which will generate that the financial institution with which we want to contract the credit service, process our mini credit without major problem.

Although, however we can not forget that this feature is not at all exclusive, since we must remember that there are many types of mini-loans and we can have access to quick loans, with and without payroll .

How to apply for a loan with ASNEF and payroll in a responsible manner

It is clear, as we have advanced throughout the post, that the money lending sector has taken giant steps, as we can see by checking that it is already possible to apply for a loan of 3000 euros with ASNEF , among many other new advantages. .

As Raúl asked us, the offer of online loans with ASNEF and payroll is one of the clear advances of the credit institutions that have had to adapt to the economic situation of the country, which continues to suffer from, hopefully, the last throes of a great currency crisis.

However, even if you see great progress when it comes to asking for a loan with ASNEF and payroll , you should not trust and be cautious. You should look for quick personal loans with ASNEF in the most responsible way possible, to avoid problems once you have hired.

That is why the team of The Quick Money we offer you a series of tips, with which you can get credits with payroll and ASNEF in a more secure way.

Small tips for borrowing with ASNEF and payroll

The first thing you should keep in mind, as we have already mentioned in the post, is that the consumption of monetary loans should be responsible and punctual, you should not use it as a regular resource because it can be expensive.
Next we are going to tell you three simple steps to look for personal credits with ASNEF and RAI with payroll , with which you will be able to save some that another disgust in the long run. Needless to say, these tips are not mandatory, we just want you to have the best quality and enjoy your credit.

  • Investigate : our advice is that you search all the websites and media for the offers that interest you the most. In this case, with the loans of 3000 euros with ASNEF, we have placed the lenders that grant them and with their conditions. Even so, make sure you read and inform yourself in all the ways you can.
  • Compare : once you have all the information gathered about how to get money while working in ASNEF with payroll, you should compare those that interest you most. You must take into account factors such as the return period, interest, if your requirements are accepted (be in ASNEF, without endorsement, etc.).
  • Decide : already with that great screen done, if you still have doubts you must go back to ask yourself all the previous questions to have a final winner. And yes, you must also take into account the requirements imposed from the financial institution itself. If your age adapts to the offer, if you have all the paperwork that they require you in order, if you live in Spain, etc. They are data that can throw you back one of the offers that met your needs, but it is also a help method to discard offers that are not valid.

Loans for the unemployed, where to get it

Loans for unemployed: can be obtained, but knowing what we contract

Many people ask us about loans for the unemployed . Is it possible to get a loan if I am unemployed? The answer is yes, of course, but with nuances.

If you are unemployed and need quick money , just as there are loans with payroll , there are mini loans without payroll , which can get you out of that punctual hurry and get, urgently, a small capital to fix it.

Needless to say, this is a solution that can be used at a certain time , but always with the conviction that quick credits are not to be used just like that . At eldinerorapido.es we want to help you find a small loan and save comparing, but if you do not see it clearly, you better consider other options . Because in case you can not return a microloan on time, the costs will go up considerably .

We are talking about mini-credits: small online loans that can be requested without payroll or endorsement.


Of course, you need some kind of income, such as the unemployment benefit itself, in order to justify that you have the means to repay it. This is obvious, of course, but it is still something different, in view of how difficult it is to get money while unemployed, not to mention that, until now, it was practically impossible.

Content index

  • 1 Loans for the unemployed: they can be obtained, but knowing what we contract
    • 1.1 What if I am in ASNEF or RAI?
  • 2 What should I do to get a mini loan for the unemployed?
    • 2.1 Can I get a free online loan if I am unemployed?
  • 3 Can they be obtained by giving only the DNI or NIE?
  • 4 How much money can I request if I am unemployed?

What if I’m in ASNEF or RAI?

The same happens with people who are in ASNEF, RAI , because they have been labeled defaulters , who previously could not get cash, in the form of loans and now they can .

By the way, if this is your situation, be in ASNEF or RAI, take a tour of our article on microloans with ASNEF (click on the link to go). Advertising

What should I do to get a mini loan for the unemployed?

You have to go to our section on quick credits (click to go) and find the one that best suits your current situation, in this case unemployment. There you will find a brief summary of the best mini-credits that are on the Internet, with their requirements, which mostly do not require payroll and can be ordered with unemployment.

Can I get a free online loan if I am unemployed?

Again the answer is yes . In fact, we advise you to be the first to consult. You can do it from the article to the effect, on free credits (click to go).

Can they be obtained by giving only the DNI or NIE?

It should be qualified, as we recently explained in the article mini loans only DNI . The personal documentation that is provided is basically that: the DNI or NIE .

But, as is logical, we will also have to provide some more documentation, this one already on our current financial situation (if it is a time when we are unemployed, protagonist of our post today, we will be asked for the proof of income acquired through the “Unemployment”, or of another benefit, if it is the case). But as a way to authenticate your identity , when personal mini-credits are requested, it is enough (usually) with an identity card, or the NIE , if you are a foreigner and resident in Spain.

How much money can I request if I am unemployed?

The amounts in loans for unemployed are the same (usually) for those who work and request a quick loan: They can range from 1 euro, 400 euros , to loans of 1000 euros or more.

The fact is that the fact that you are unemployed is not a reason that you discard, when it comes to getting money through quick microcredit .

While you have a benefit or some type of income, even if it is not very buoyant, you have your chance to get it.

But remember that mini-credits are not cheap, we from The Quick Money , we help you save, introducing you the best online mini-credits . Compare and choose yours!

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